Driftwood Horse Sculptures by Heather Jansch

Driftwood Horses

When I was a child, my parents would often take me to the beach during the summer months. Aside from all the trash and rounded glass that washed up on the beach, I remember the simple driftwood sculptures that the local hippies would put together near the edge of the ocean. Heather Jansch has taken the notion of recycled art to a whole new level with her incredible collection of driftwood horse sculptures.

One of my co-workers had a real thing for horses back in the day, especially of the black stallion variety. Since then, the sight of a horse has always reminded me of him. I’m excited that Heather was able to render these majestic animals in such a realistic fashion using only scraps of driftwood and bits of copper. It’s impressive that she managed to take dozens of pieces of oddly shaped driftwood and create such an intricate sculpture, especially on such a large scale.

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

horse on a beach

driftwood sculptures

horse standing on sand

horse looking at reflection

horse in the woods

horse standing on grass

driftwood sculpture of a horse

It never fails to amaze me when people create incredible works of art using tires, scrap metal, or any other number of odd and distinctly non-art-related materials. I really wonder how strong these sculptures are, though. Are they tough enough for a person to ride them? Or perhaps the better question is, are you tough enough to have them ride you?

This is only a small sampling of the driftwood sculptures that Heather’s created, and you can find the full collection on her official website. Some of the garden shots are especially interesting.


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