Does Your Cat Have Swagger? Get The Cat Scratch DJ


I think it’s safe to say that 90 percent of the internet is dedicated to porn, cats, and animals wearing clothes. Because of animal lovers dedication to their pets, the pet food and accessories industry generates billions of dollars annually. And because these crazy pet owners are willing to buy anything for their furry friend, there are scientists working around the clock developing the latest gadgets just for your pet. The example I’m showing you guys today is the awesome pawsome Cat Scratch DJ.

Cats scratch things such as furniture to mark their territory and it’s pretty annoying for the owner to deal with. People usually get a scratch mat but the Cat Scratch DJ looks so much cooler and is a lot more entertaining. Have your camera ready and watch as your cat becomes the next internet sensation.

What We Expect From Cat Scratch DJ

Cat Scratch DJ In Reality

Alright, maybe the cats in the video above needed a little motivation. The Cat Scratch DJ is made out of cardboard shaped like a mixing deck which of course features a scratch mat and comes with a poseable tone arm. You’ll receive the package as flat-packed but with a few folds here and there, you’ll soon have the Cat Scratch DJ that actually spins. To get your feline interested in the Cat Scratch DJ, a bit of catnip should be placed on the deck and soon your cat will have plenty of swagger.

I personally like kittens but not a fan of full grown cats so no point in getting this for myself. If you want to give your cat some DJ’ing skills, you can get the Cat Scratch DJ for $34.99 on Amazon.

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