Disney Princesses – Thomas Czarnecki’s Not So Happy Endings

thomas czarnecki alice in wonderland

We’ve featured some pretty awesome images of Disney Princesses over the last little while, and they’ve been ridiculously popular. These imaginary ladies have been the inspiration for many…adult re-imaginings of our favorite fairytale characters, and Thomas Czarnecki is a photographer who’s joined in on bringing the pretty princesses to life. And by life, I mean horribly depressing deaths, but let’s not get hung up on wording. Pair a world class photographer with beautiful women, a bunch of Disney costumes, and a slightly twisted point of view; you get a set of photos illustrating what it would look like if our enchanted childhoods ended in the real world.

Disney Princesses – Don’t Bother Wishing On That Star

Perfectly posed, perfectly lit, perfectly recognizable; the From Enchantment To Down photo series is pretty creepy, but also amazingly well done. At first glance, only the costumes tip you off to the Disney Princesses featured in the shot, but on closer inspection, the location and details hint at how the ladies met their untimely end. (And some of them are downright awful…I love it.) Click each of the photos for the hi-res images.

thomas czarnecki disney princesses snow white

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