Disney Characters All Grown Up And Looking Hot

Sexy Little Mermaid, Ariel Sexy

As kids, we all loved to watch Disney animated movies, however, as we grew older we lost interest in Disney cartoons and started paying attention to other things in life, mainly girls.

Artist J. Scott Campbell combined our love of Disney movies and our new love of girls and came up with something most men have fantasized about, sexy Disney characters.  Below are some pictures of Disney characters, all grown up and looking extremely hot.  It seems these characters have been watching Britney Spears and Lady Gaga videos and are taking fashion advice from them.

Sexy Cinderella, Cinderella Lingerie

Tinkerbell In Lingerie, Sexy Tinkerbell

Sexy Maleficent

Snow White Hot, Sexy

Sexy Sleeping Beauty

[Via:  Swedish Bed & J. Scott Campbell]


  1. ElijahCole says

    I never thought Maleficent could be so hot! Damn what I’d do to sleeping beauty before I wake her up. Lol

    Excelletn art!!!

    • Me! says

      O_o The things you’d do to Sleeping Beauty before you wake her would be rape. The society of men raping sleeping/passed out/unconscious girls/women needs to stop.

  2. Fuschian says

    These are not ‘grown up’, they’re pumped up and anorexic-looking. They look like Playboy pimped girls rather than actual grown up normal healthy females…

    • Jose says

      Are you kidding me ? Which one of these girls are anorexic-looking? Unless you’re into BBW then I guess it explains your skewed perspective.

  3. Me! says

    Why do most people assume that females who are “all grown up” must be nearly naked to show that they’re grown? If they were really grown, they would have jobs, not doing the same things they did in the fairy tales. This should just be called overly sexual fairy tale images, not “all grown up.”

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