December – The Month of Rejuvenation (and Drinking)


You know, my favorite aspect of December is that it is a month entirely dedicated to indulgence. Cookies on the counter top, hot chocolate every night, and no one gives me a funny look if I drink a little too much. It’s a month of gift giving, vacation taking, and to top it all off we get the 31st, a beautiful night where it is expected we make asses of ourselves. Why, in my opinion, it is the month of December that truly encapsulates the “American Way of Life.”

Now I know that I’m not known for my indulgence or excess. I often spend time writing about how to pinch pennies, and hunting for a bargain. Well I’d like to report that I’ not just stacking up all those pennies for the pennies sake. I do, in fact, have a good time with my saved dough. Why not even three weeks ago I spent a lovely weekend in Savannah, drinking in the local history, and the local booze. Yes, yours truly knows how to indulge from time to time.

It’s Time to Let It All Go…

I do hold a very different attitude to the idea of indulgence from most I would wager. I’m more interested in hard work than spending my time at play. It’s work that helps us to appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Like a man struggling through the dessert, we appreciate our respite the same way he appreciates the oasis. It’s a time to be rejuvenated and relaxed, to put from your mind the rat race that every day brings.

Unfortunately, most individuals I know work rather hard at being at play. They’re incapable of simply wandering in relaxation, planning every moment to “maximize play.” I’ve known people who go to Ceaser’s Palace with an overly thought out “plan”, and leave at the end of the week poorer and exhausted.  I on the other hand left poorer myself, but with a nice tan and even better memories.

I suppose that’s why I love December so much. It’s the one true month of the year where everyone gets that break. Sure, it can be stressful to shop for presents, and cook the ham, and make sure everyone is satisfied. Yet, at the end of the day everyone is happy. Happy to be in good company. Happy to share a meal. Happy to have lived another year, and looking forward to the next. It’s a hopeful time even in dire circumstances. Like the desert oasis, it’s a month of rejuvenation.

[Photo by Dennis Crowley]

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