Cocoon Tree Tent – Like a Tree House But Better

Suspended Cocoon Tree Tent

We’ve done our part in educating our readers about some of the cool tents out there with one of my favorites being the Tentsile Tree-Hanging Tent.  Although the camping and tents won’t cross our minds until next summer, I’ll still go ahead and share another interesting tent I have come across.

This time, it’s the Cocoon Tree Tent which looks just as awesome as the Tenstile tent. The Cocoon Tree Tent is a spherical shaped tent with its structure made out of aluminum and covered in weather resistant material to form a shelter. It’s kind of like a tree house but hangs from the tree branches instead of being built on it.

The empty weight of the Cocoon tent is 60kg and the interior of the tent has a 2.4 meter circular bed featuring a custom sheet which can accommodate two grown folks and a bit of extra room. The aluminum frame is made with a series of ribs that create the spherical shape and hold the bed in place. Each “rib” has a hook for rope/cable allowing it to connect to a tree nearby just like a hammock. The exterior of the Cocoon tent is 3 meters in diameter.

Cocoon Tree House Tent

If need be, the living space can also be outfitted with air-conditioning or heating as well.

No word yet on pricing but you can find out more details over at Cocoon Tree.

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