Cleaning With Toothpaste – Teeth, Headlights, and More

Getting rid of the yellow on headlights with toothpaste

Sure, we use toothpaste on a daily basis (hopefully) but did you know that we can clean more than just teeth with it? Toothpaste is inexpensive and can save you some money on a few little projects around the house.

For starters, people use toothpaste to clean the headlights on their vehicles that have become yellow and foggy over the years. It’s actually quite simple. Purchase any toothpaste of your choice (Crest seems to be popular) and apply a generous amount to the area of the headlight that needs to be cleaned.  Grab a dry soft cloth and rub the toothpaste in a circular motion making sure to apply a good amount of pressure until the grime comes off. Rinse the headlight off with water and wipe it with a wet cloth. If you did it properly, there should be a night and day difference. You can apply a polish as well for even shiner look.

The video below uses a window wash spray and a buffer but you are able to get the same result without the two.

The same method is also used by photographers for their strobes.

Cleaning A Flash for a camera with toothpaste

Other uses for toothpaste include cleaning jewelry. If you use non-gel based toothpaste, you can also clean swimming goggles by applying the toothpaste to the inside and outside of the lens using the same technique mentioned above. If washing your hands with soap after cutting up some garlic or onions is not doing a good enough of a job in getting that smell off, consider using toothpaste. You’ll be surprised with the results.

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