Chest Hair Fur Coat Made From Human Hair

male chest hair fur coat

During my trips to various beaches around the world, I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful women in bikinis to and unfortunate to see ones where the bikini gets vacuumed in by their body. And when it comes to dudes, I was unfortunate to witness a “walking rug” in a tiny speedo. Good on him though because most people giggled while he did his thing and walked with confidence. I thought to myself that this guy must stay super warm in the winter with that natural fur coat of his and I guess some designers out there were thinking the same thing and brought the idea to life.

Yep, you can now own your own “fur” coat made entirely from male chest hair! The coat was actually commissioned by Wing Co, a popular milk drink for men, as a way to protest against “manning-down” of men (the trend of metro sexuality, clean-shaven chests, and feminine-inspired fashion).

fur coat from chest hair

I guess he gave up his chest hair for this coat?

The Male Chest Hair Fur Coat was quite the project as it took approximately 200 hours to create and consists of over a million single strands of chest hair. The price of this chest hair fur coat is around $3,900.

I once worked in the wholesale bead working industry and I thought it was pretty creepy that one of the customers would wear a coat which consisted of her dog’s hair. I tried to keep my distance when she walked into the building drenched from the rain. Wet dog hair smell? No thanks! Can you imagine how gross the male chest hair fur coat would feel to the touch if it was raining out?

fut coat made from chest hair

It would be interesting to know if the chest hair was plucked out (OUCH!) or trimmed off? And how many men sacrificed their manliness for this project? And I really hope their next project has nothing to do with pubic hair because that would be amazing and disgusting at the same time.

Would you ever wear this fur coat? Manliness or not, I still prefer to have the few rat hairs on my chest trimmed off.


  1. Felix says

    Where to start?!? This is grotesquely wrong on so many levels. So Wing Co. are trying to reassert manliness by depriving guys of their chest hair, a symbol of a mans Neanderthal derived ancestry and masculinity? Great marketing – NOT! This is probably a feminist conspiracy, so beware brothers!

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