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Ah, the category of sadness and broken dreams. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. In truth, this is where we put all the posts that don’t quite fit into the other categories. It’s the wild card, the crazy place. Stay a while and you may just come to like it.

Top Contenders for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Thumbnail

Now that the winter Olympics are over, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted by Brazil, is one of the most anticipated events of 2014 especially for those who love the football (aka soccer). Of course with big games come sport betting and you can start placing your bets with sites like Unibet. [...]

On “Manly” Cars and Practical Vehicles – Striking the Perfect Balance Thumbnail

The road to success is a hard one gentlemen. It's littered with refuse, pot holes, and blind corners. Literally. So pay attention to what it is you do and what it is you drive. You see, we men have a penchant for buying unnecessarily “manly” vehicles in the pursuit of our normal 9-5. Now, I'm [...]

Unfinished Man Two Point Ohhhhh Thumbnail

Hey Everyone, Today is a big day for us at Unfinished Man. Years ago Faisal started the site with a vision... to bring our soon-to-be readers the very best in entertainment, cool stuff, and men's advice. Over the years we grew - thanks to all you wonderful readers - and today we're happy to unveil [...]

Real Life Hobbit House in Pennsylvania Thumbnail

I would consider myself a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings/Hobbit books and movies but I’m not obsessed with the franchise and could probably name only a handful of characters.  However, there are some people that go to great lengths to show their devotion to all things Middle Earth, take for example, a [...]

Bad at Picking Gifts? Gift Professor to the Rescue Thumbnail

In between the Frontal Steak House Lobe and the Lamborghini Cortex of the masculine brain lies that often overlooked sweet spot for our loved ones. It’s the same part that got us wives or girlfriends, or even just good, long-term pals. But with each new option for maintaining those relationships, sometimes the Unfinished Man can [...]

At thirteen years old, Hart Main had an idea... or at least, his sister did. She asked him "Why don't people make candles with scents that men like?". Based on that idea, he founded ManCans - a company that provides some funky male scents to readers who prefer the smell of cigars, campfires, and coffee [...]

Mysteries of The Internet – Building Simple Websites Thumbnail

The web is a useful medium for connecting with friends and families over large distances, organizing important events, and even generating income. However, many people still treat it as some sort of mysterious beast that only the technical wizards can understand and tame, or worse yet think of you as their personal IT staff. Today [...]

The Himalayan Salt Lamp – The Power of Negative Ions Thumbnail

No, that is not an asteroid that has just fallen to earth from outer space. Touching it will not grant you special powers. I already tried that, and all I got were salty hands. After lots of experimenting, and trying to figure out its actual purpose, I broke down and did some real research. "Himalayan [...]

Be a Smarter Consumer with Consmr Thumbnail

If you’re like we are, you probably don’t know how to shop. You find whatever store-brand thing is available, assume it’ll work, then move on with your day, smelling bad or eating crappy things. Well, why not use Consmr? You put it on your iPhone and it’ll scan the barcode of anything in the drugstore, [...]

Raging Bull Smokes – Powered by Lamborghini Thumbnail

If Lamborghini cars are one of the fastest ways to get from point A to B, would it be fair to say that Lamborghini cigarettes are the fastest way to get from good health to cancer? The Lamborghini cigarettes, or Raging Bull Smokes as they’re officially called, will be launched in South Korea later this [...]