Stool School – What Happens After You Flush The Toilet

cartoon poo drawing

I may be considered a “strange one” by some but I don’t think it’s strange to wonder about exactly what happens after you flush the toilet at home, work, or . During biology class in high school, we talked about every topic possible when it came to the human body but everybody including myself would […]

Why I Still LOVE Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

couple wearing wedding rings

As a woman in post-feminist society, I’m not supposed to love diamonds. I’m sorry, feminists. I really, really love diamonds and everything they represent today. Marriage is still a very big deal to me! Diamonds, say feminists, are some sort of vestigial remnant of a time when new husband and father-in-law traded goats or sheep […]

In the Doghouse? How to Get Yourself Out

man in the doghouse

Ever since that one thing happened, your significant other has been ignoring your attempts to reconcile, giving you less praise than usual, and so on. We call this the doghouse. If this is your first time in the doghouse, never fear, for there are numerous ways out. They might not be immediately obvious (or immediately […]

Life After Death – Unique Ways To “Live On”

picture of heaven

I love to people watch; I like to create scenarios in my head about where they came from, what kind of people they are, if they are happy, married, successful etc. The other day I was sitting down doing just that when a thought came to my mind. How many of these people think about […]

Mysteries of The Internet – Building Simple Websites


The web is a useful medium for connecting with friends and families over large distances, organizing important events, and even generating income. However, many people still treat it as some sort of mysterious beast that only the technical wizards can understand and tame, or worse yet think of you as their personal IT staff. Today […]

Helping Hands – Monkey Helpers For Awesome People

Capuchin Monkey enjoying bubbles

I’ve talked about wanting a monkey for years now, and every time I brought it up, my friends and family would simply tell me how it was a stupid idea, and that I only wanted my own monkey slave. Is training a monkey to get me beer from the fridge, or to help me put […]