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Science & Tech

Science, the field that’s all too often forgotten, and that’s responsible for almost all major progress in the history of human civilization. In this section, we’ll cover everything from breakthroughs in lasers, to news on space travel, and anything else that sounds even remotely sciency and awesome. Bonus points if said things involves blowing stuff up.

cyber attacks map

The Internet is an amazing invention; perhaps our very best. It's a place of endless information, rich media, rapid communication, and wonders yet undiscovered. But experiencing it without anti-virus software is like fucking a stranger without a condom - eventually you're going to catch something nasty. So to illustrate this point, I would like to [...]

robot vs man table tennis

It's inevitable, man and machine battling it out. We created these monsters and now they've acquired the skills to kick human ass in … pong? Thankfully, we've got years before these battles occur with actual weapons. For now it's all fun and games. This clash occurred between Kuka KR Agilus and German table tennis superstar, [...]

real time brain imaging

No matter what I write about, whether it's a video game trailer I just watched or a set of photos I really enjoyed, I try and teach you something new, or at least make you use your brain. Given that most of our readers visit the site during the day, I'm guessing you guys aren't [...]

old time machine

It's not a secret that I'm fascinated by the idea of time travel. Every now and then, I check out the latest research to determine how close mankind is to some form of travelling backwards or forwards in time. And guess what? We're close! Grandfather Paradox Physicists have argued among themselves over the past couple [...]

cosmos a spacetime odyssey

In 1980, Carl Sagan co-wrote and co-produced a thirteen-part series called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. The series was wildly popular, and though I wasn't to be born for another 5 years, I can now look back fondly on the works of Carl Sagan. He did more for science that any person could even hope to [...]

computer virus that infects humans

So, today I'm going to pick on one of my family members a bit. You see, a few weeks ago while they were sitting at the computer, they received a phone call from Microsoft. Microsoft called to kindly inform them that their copy of Windows was out of date, and if they could just download [...]

very slow internet

Today's need for speed isn't a mere nice-to-have for Internet users. Although some wax nostalgic at the sound of cool modem sounds from an antique dial-up connection, the idea of actually using outmoded, frustratingly slow Internet services is unimaginable for most of us. I die a little inside each time my internet goes down. Service [...]

chromium about screen

For the past few months, security and privacy has been on my mind a lot. After the Snowden revelations, everything changed. Massive government spying was no longer the stuff of crazed conspiracy theories and spy novels, but instead the cold, brutal truth. Suddenly, 1984 didn't seem quite so far fetched. But as an informed citizen, [...]

hello world

The world needs you! There are an unlimited amount of needs and problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Many people believe that they aren’t equipped to be successful game or app developers because they haven’t spent their whole life programming like others. This is untrue, you just have to start today. [...]

The Power of Self-Experimentation: Nootropics, Health, and Beyond Thumbnail

If there's one thing I've noticed over the years, it's that no one cares about me quite as much as I care about myself. That's not to say that other people like friends, family, and even doctors, don't care about me... they just aren't as invested as I am in my own health, happiness, and [...]