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Where some people see single function devices, useless in an age of cell phones and digital devices, we see beauty. Watches are more than a way to tell time, they’re a form of personal expression. Our resident watch aficionados are here to bring you reviews of the latest and greatest watches on the market, while providing a wealth of information along the way.

Vector Luna and Meridian Smart Watches


Add another set of watches to the ever expanding offerings of smart watches; these smart watches are off Vector. Vector is offering two versions of their watches, a round dial called the Vector Luna and a rectangular dial called the Vector Meridian. These smartwatches come with in-house developed operating system. One of the biggest complaints […]

Nico Gerard Skyview Pinnacle Watch


We recently did a hands-on review of the Original Grain Barrel watch, which is offered with the DUO clasp. The DUO clasp attaches the Apple watch to the bracelet of the Barrel watch, and was said to be the first watch to offer that feature. Now we have another watch with the same feature, albeit […]

Original Grain: The Barrel Watch (Review)


As watch lovers, we at Unfinished Man, like to write about all sorts of watches ranging from the affordable to the “it costs more than a house”, on styles that are simple and classic to the absurd and unique. Today we are reviewing a watch that has something a little different and uses the up-cycling […]

Only Watch 2015: Rebellion Reb-7 Forged Carbon Regulator


Like the RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal watch, the Rebellion Reb-7 Forged Carbon Regulator watch is has also been worn by an athlete at a sporting event and will be auctioned at the Only Watch 2015 event. The Rebellion Reb-7 Forged Carbon Regulator was worn by Nicholas Prost, son of F1 champion Alain Prost, during the […]

Shopping Guide: Finding the Perfect Vintage Men’s Watch

Photo by Guy Sie

When you’re shopping for an older guy, it can be tough to find something that’s emotionally significant and meaningful. Although some a card and drinks might be great, there are times when you want to go above and beyond expectations. A watch is a great gift for a man that shows you’ve put thought and […]

Only Watch 2015: Voutilainen GMT-6


Independent watchmaker Voutilainen has showcased their one-off timepiece to be auctioned at the Only Watch 2015 event. Kari Voutilainen creates a very small number of watches every year, each one being completely hand made, so this watch should fetch a pretty good price for research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The unique timepiece is the Voutilainen […]

What Men Need to Know Before Going Watch Shopping

Photo by Scott Akerman

Going watch shopping can be exciting and a lot of fun, but there are a few things you need to know first. A man’s wrist is naked without the right watch, and it can make a big impression. A good watch can make a big impression at interviews, on a date, or even out with […]