Watches & Accessories

Where some people see single function devices, useless in an age of cell phones and digital devices, we see beauty. Watches are more than a way to tell time, they’re a form of personal expression. Our resident watch aficionados are here to bring you reviews of the latest and greatest watches on the market, while providing a wealth of information along the way.

The Original Apple Watch


There has been a lot of fanfare about the Apple Watch (or iWatch, as it was speculated) over the last few years. Late in 2014 Apple finally announced the watch and it should be arriving at Apple stores this year. But did you know there was another Apple watch, way back in the 1990’s? Yes, […]

Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater Geneva Watch


Swiss watchmaker Jacquet Droz has just released a new version of their incredible timepiece, The Bird Repeater, celebrating the city where the company was founded. The company’s founder, Pierre Jacquet-Droz, set up shop in Geneva in 1784, where the company made some of the most complicated watches at the time and still does to this […]

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic Watch


I wrote about the IWC Portofino watch a few years ago, it was the 8-day reserve hand-wound version and I was a big fan of it. Now the Swiss watchmaker has released a new version of the watch, called the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic. As much as I love the “out of this world” […]

GEAK II Smart Watch by Shanda


One of the biggest complaints with smart watches is the way they look, most of them look very unappealing, especially is you consider yourself a “watch guy”. The Motorolla Moto 360 looks like a more traditional watch but the list of such watches is quite small. You can add the GEAK II smart watch by […]

Jaquet Droz Year of the Goat Watches


2015 marks the year of the goat on the Chinese lunar calendar and we expect to see quite a few “Year of the Goat” themed products make their way onto the market. Watches are no exception and we’ve written about these types of watches in the past, the first Goat watches we’ve seen this year […]

Bramford Rolex Milgauss Aftershock Watch


One watch on my “to buy” list is the relatively affordable Rolex Milgauss, a watch known for its anti-magnetic movement. It is a pretty good looking watch with a simple design that won’t cost you an arm an a leg. But the folks at Bramford Watch Department decided to give the watch a makeover and […]

Greco Hexagonal Nut Watches


Here’s a watch for the true gearhead, or maybe nutcases? Greco Hexagonal Nut watch is created by watchmaker Stephane Greco, who/is a parts supplier to other watchmakers. The Greco Nut watches, as you might have guessed it, are shaped like a massive nut. The “nut” or case of the watch is made out of titanium […]