Whether you’re grooming your face, or any other place… we've got you covered. We review the latest razors and trimmers, and the occasional facial wash or hair styling product as well. If you want want flawless hair and skin, we can’t promise perfection, but we can get you pretty close.

What Women REALLY Want — The Latest in Beard Research Says…

man shaving beard in mirror

We write quite a bit about beards here at Unfinished Man because there’s so much interest in the psycho-social-sexual trends associated with facial hair. For instance, researchers reported that men with facial hair are more attractive to women who are ovulating, because these men are presumably considered more virile. Unfortunately, though, there’s a fashion trend […]

Royalty Wipes – Hanebisho Toilet Paper At $17/Roll

world's most expensive toilet paper

A few years back, I wrote about the Golden Pill that makes your poop glitter. Surprisingly, it received a crap load of traffic. If you have $425 to make  your poop glitter then coughing up $17 for a roll of toilet paper should not really be an issue. A Japanese manufacturer is the creator of […]

Manscaping: Don’t Call Your Lawn Guy


The rise of manscaping in the lives of 21st century males has been an interesting development. Mostly, because we’re all entirely friggin’ lost in this ridiculous ocean of products. I literally have no clue what conditioner does, but I know my lady likes it when I use it. My medicine cabinet used to be filled […]

Shaving Secrets – Mastering the Ancient Art to Become All Man


Shaving… it’s something we all have to do, but few of us enjoy it. Women may complain about how they have a larger surface area to cover when attacking both legs, but even the most persistent leg hair is unlikely to match the rate of growth found on a man’s chin. On top of that, […]

Hair Care Tips for Men – From Nutrition to Using Shampoo Properly

mens hair cut sign

Hair care is serious business for some men, and they are willing to go through some very time consuming and annoying regimens to get keep and maintain a set of thick, luxurious hair on their head. While these lucky guys enjoy their hair, poor schmucks like myself are stressing over the fact that our scalp […]

One Wipe Charlies – Flushable Buttwipes for Men

flushable buttwipes

There are two places where I can block out the rest of the world and get lost in deep thought. The first place is in my bed and the second place is on the can. Sometimes I even forget to use the washroom because I just sit there, stare at the wall, and just….think. But […]