Whether you’re grooming your face, or any other place… we've got you covered. We review the latest razors and trimmers, and the occasional facial wash or hair styling product as well. If you want want flawless hair and skin, we can’t promise perfection, but we can get you pretty close.

You Should Shave With a Safety Razor…


I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve shaved with an electric razor my entire life. Maybe not when I was a child, but definitely since my high-school geography teacher told me to wipe the dirt off my upper lip. Shaving with an electric razor wasn’t something that I chose, exactly. It’s simply that I was […]

Moo Shoe Wash – “Shampoo” For Dirty Leather Shoes

anti-stink shoe wash

Smelly shoes are not cool and quite embarrassing, especially if you are visiting someone’s home and have to take off your shoes. Besides stinking up the shoe rack area, your socks will also stink and you’ll be inviting that smell into the living room with you. One pair of shoes I used to own created […]

Trying to Look More Handsome? Start by Taking Care of Your Skin!

man looking in the mirror

Skin care is an important part of grooming and self-care. As the skin ages—in part from UV damage from the sun and the natural aging process—many of us start to ask questions about how to get the best skin care. We ask “What can I do to make my skin look wonderful?” and “How do […]

Manscaping by the Decade: Should Your Grooming Change As You Age?

Photo by  Alvaro A. Novo

Grooming regimes are an essential aspect of most of our daily routines. And for most men, no matter what their age, looking good and feeling fresh is an important part of life. However, as we get older, our bodies change, leading to inevitable alterations in our grooming needs. For example, men who once spent hours […]

Why It’s Important to Stay Well Groomed

ugly ungroomed nails

I’ve developed this… habit, over the years. It’s not a drug habit, but I find it every bit as addictive. You see, while I’m walking down the street I’m constantly looking at people’s butts. A person’s butt says a lot about them. Their fitness being the obvious one, but also their heritage, their style, etc. […]