Whether you’re grooming your face, or any other place… we've got you covered. We review the latest razors and trimmers, and the occasional facial wash or hair styling product as well. If you want want flawless hair and skin, we can’t promise perfection, but we can get you pretty close.

The Best Beard Trimmers Ever Made

Photo by Ryan McFarland

Anyone with a beard knows that upkeep is very important to help ensure that the beard looks its absolute best at all times. Whether you have a simple goatee, or a full fledged beard, beard trimmers play a major role in the upkeep of your facial hair. There are several things to keep in mind […]

Simple Skin Care Tips for Men

Photo by Marcello Samboli

Skin care is just as important for men as it is for women, as having healthy skin will not only make you look better, but it will make you feel better as well. Along with your standard hygiene routine, there are a few tips that can help your skin maintain a healthy balance of not […]

Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver Review


One of the problems with having scraggly facial hair, aside from looking terrible, is that I need to shave all the time. Why? Because if I don’t, I look like an absolute idiot. It’s a sort of facial hair causal loop of sadness. Think Terminator movies, but much more depressing. So as you read this […]

You Should Shave With a Safety Razor…


I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve shaved with an electric razor my entire life. Maybe not when I was a child, but definitely since my high-school geography teacher told me to wipe the dirt off my upper lip. Shaving with an electric razor wasn’t something that I chose, exactly. It’s simply that I was […]

Moo Shoe Wash – “Shampoo” For Dirty Leather Shoes

anti-stink shoe wash

Smelly shoes are not cool and quite embarrassing, especially if you are visiting someone’s home and have to take off your shoes. Besides stinking up the shoe rack area, your socks will also stink and you’ll be inviting that smell into the living room with you. One pair of shoes I used to own created […]