Style isn't effortless, but it also doesn't need to be complicated. Take it from people that used to wear nothing but sweat pants, there's a better way. If you're wondering what to wear, and how to wear it, let us help you become as stylish as you are charming.

The Perfect Suit for Every Formal Occasion

Photo by Andrew Warren

Don’t get caught at a sandy beach wedding wearing a navy blue three-piece suit. Conversely, don’t go to a $500 per plate black tie charity dinner in a khaki suit. Knowing which suit is right for which event is pretty simply, and can help make you the toast of the town. Use this helpful graphic, […]

Men’s Fashion Through The Ages


One of the first fashion articles I wrote talked about the future of fashion as imagined in the 1930s. I wasn’t just making this up, either; there’s a whole reel of classic footage conveying what people thought clothing would look like in the year 2000. Unsurprisingly, they were way off. Though it’s always fun to […]

The Future of Fashion is Curated


Something wonderful has been happening in the world these past few years: everything is being decentralized. From computers to business to currencies, everything is becoming leaner, more efficient, and spread around. Perhaps you’re thinking, that’s great… but what does it have to do with fashion? It turns out this has a lot to do with […]

The Ultrahigh Backpack by OUTLIER


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Outlier. I’ve been converting much of my wardrobe to their garments over the last year, and I have absolutely no regrets. They make beautiful, exceptionally functional garments, and now they’re getting into the backpack business too. They’re calling this rolltop backpack the Ultrahigh, and if you […]

How to Save Money On Clothes

Photo by Barney Bishop

As the popularity of men’s fashion continues to grow, the variety of brands and styles also continue to increase. Not only is this good news for men who are looking for numerous styles and designs, it is also good news because it creates greater opportunities to save money on those very clothes. In this article, […]

Which Brand Makes the Best Socks?


I realize that socks are hardly a glamorous topic, especially when we’re talking about fashion, but here’s the thing: they’re kind of important. Maybe not as important as solving world poverty and colonizing Mars, but they’re right up there! After all, you’re probably on your feet a lot, and there’s nothing worse than buying socks […]