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Brace yourself, as the following may shock you. At least one of us here is a complete fashion snob. If it’s related to clothes and accessories that aren’t ugly (especially jeans), chances are you’ll see it here first. You’ll find a wide range of fashion related topics ranging from belt and denim reviews, to pictures of the latest swill celebrities are wearing.

black and white mens vest

Vests are everywhere this season. Jon Hamm aka Don Draper on "Mad Men" looks especially fit and trim in a three-piece suit.  Giorgio Armani's updated power suit in lighter, wearable colors features vests worn without tie, with a perfect pair of sunglasses! Other vests, worn under or over clothes, give men the kind of power and assurance [...]

unaffordable clothing man

So many of the men with an interest in fashion - and looking fashionable - lack a strategy. Perhaps someone you know owns the very best designer clothing that money can buy but, somehow, still manages to look like a fashion victim from “What Not to Wear.” Yes, some men are fashion plonkers... even if [...]

550 cord shoelaces

About a week ago I was tying my shoes and the laces broke. Now, I know what you're going to say... "cool story bro!", but I'm telling you this for a reason. I'm telling you this so that you too can have awesome, super strong, inexpensive 550 cord shoelaces. This is so easy to do [...]

mad men style photo

We write a lot about fashion accessories because they're one of the most cost-effective ways to add new wardrobe energy. Everyone knows that neck-ties used to be considered an accessory for the fashionable man... and now they're things that women steal from their fathers' wardrobes to sew into funky short skirts. So, what are today's [...]

fitting denim jeans

Blue jeans, once worn only by hands-on craftsmen or artists, work harder than most other clothes in the wardrobe. They’re perfect for any season, especially when paired with Harris tweed or a goose down jacket in autumn and winter, or a large-cable navy jumper or unstructured cotton blazer for spring and summer. Wearing a great pair [...]

The Spartan RS Pants by Triple Aught Design — Classic TAD Refined for 2014 Thumbnail

Spring is finally, almost... nearly, in the air. As a resident of Montreal, Canada, we do the whole weather thing a little differently. It's either really hot, or really, really cold. Right now it's the latter. But that's about to change, and I've realized that I'm ill equipped for the spring, much less the summer. [...]

old chukka boots

If you’re like me, finding the right pair of shoes in the perfect style is a constant quest. Shoe stores, boot-makers, and cobble shops fascinate me. I love the smell of new shoes and appreciate the details that go into making quality shoes and boots. By implication, a constant quest might lead you to believe [...]

mens feet on train

According to fashion experts, skimping on a new pair of shoes isn’t good for one’s wardrobe or feet. In fact, dressing well on a budget almost demands a "bottom-up" approach, says male model Oliver Cheshire. Other people - admirers or dismissers - look at a man’s feet first. When we think about it, buying at [...]

loake shoes

Ever see a man whose shoes don't fit him well? He is not at his most handsome best. It’s not a pretty sight. Men demand that their shoes fit well because comfort is a must. And since shoes are most often assessed to determine the quality of a man's complete wardrobe, they're amongst the most [...]

stylish technical wear

I realized something about clothing a few years ago: garments are designed to fall apart. No one is being coy about this either. I've written about this before, and the term "planned obsolescence" sums it up pretty well. The trouble... is that this just doesn't work for me. I hate spending money on products I [...]