Style isn't effortless, but it also doesn't need to be complicated. Take it from people that used to wear nothing but sweat pants, there's a better way. If you're wondering what to wear, and how to wear it, let us help you become as stylish as you are charming.

Style Ideas for the Coming Autumn Season


It’s difficult to get your style choices right in the autumn. There are no obvious choices; you just have to take different ideas and think what works best. Here are some ideas to experiment with and combine. Crew Neck Jumpers The easy way to make the transition from summer to autumn is to simply stick […]

My Adidas: Shopping on a Budget

Photo by Thomas8047

Adidas is a brand that is well known in the fashion community, as well as the active-wear community. If you’re a man (and odds are, you’re definitely a man!), you’ve probably already used a few of the products Adidas has to offer. Adidas is doing a fantastic job of appealing to the industry of menswear, […]

Nico Wingtip Sneakers by Wolf vs Goat


As you might have noticed, I’m very picky about the fashion advice and garment suggestions I cover here on Unfinished Man. I try and provide advice that’s useful, and only cover garments and fashion accessories that I believe are stylish, durable, and of excellent value. Wolf vs Goat is one of those brands, and their […]

Dressing the Part: Interview Style Tips for Guys

Photo by Texas A&M University

There wasa time when dressing for an interview was easy. You throw on a traditionalblack suit, a white shirt, a decent tie, and comb your hair. Today, however, the modern day workplace seems to be more laid back and casual, leaving many guys confused on what to throw on for the big event. Nowadays what […]

Gurus Sandals Review — Do Good Sandals Really Exist?

good sandals for back pain

I’ve had a very bad relationship with sandals for virtually my entire life. As a child, I found them painful. As a teenager, they felt like a torture device. As an adult, well… you get the idea. In short, I’ve never been a big fan of sandals or flipflops – especially flipflops. So now that […]

A Versatile Accent to Your Summer Style


When it comes to fashion, one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself this summer is whether or not to don a pair of socks. Opting out of any clothing article that might cause another sweat-inducing layer may seem like a good idea, and socks are the easiest item to shake. However, the more […]

The Odyssey Cargo Short by Prometheus Design Werx


One of my favorite clothing brands of all time has been Triple Aught Design. I’ve written about them numerous times over the years because, simply put, they’ve created some of my favorite garments. They have a history of solid design, construction, and materials that kept me coming back. A few years ago, Pastrick Ma – […]