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Life is about quality, not quantity. Living a long time won't do you much good if you're too weak to walk down a flight of stairs. But topics of health and fitness are complicated, so many people avoid even trying. Though we're not doctors, nor do we play them on the Internet, we have learned a thing or two about staying fit and healthy. If you're willing to listen, we would love to show you what we've learned.

The “Missing Piece” To Feeling Like A Beast

Catchy title, right? Kinda. Basically, I made a crucial life change a couple of months ago and, as of today, I can finally say that I wake up every day feeling like a “complete” man. First, the abysmal place I was at Want to skip my personal stuff? Look for the —END SOB STORY— below. […]

Simple Health Tweaks to Improve Your Life

Photo by Jeremy Piehler

A few years ago I made the decision to improve my health. I was chronically ill, suffering from colds, flus, and bouts of pneumonia numerous times a year. This was making me extremely unhappy, and really, can you blame me? I don’t know what exactly promoted me to change, whether it was really hitting rock […]

Considering CrossFit? Here’s What a Typical Workout Looks Like

typical crossfit workout

We’re big advocates of good health and fitness here at Unfinished Man. Getting exercise is especially important as we get older, not just because it helps us live longer, healthier lives, but because obese people are terrifying. I’m not joking, they make me very uncomfortable. So with that being said, we encourage any kind of […]

Latest E-Cigs Study Suggests Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit

two people smoking

The debate about electronic cigarettes rages on. A recent English study reported by “Addiction: The Journal of the Society for the Study of Addiction” (May 2014) determined that smokers attempting to quit nicotine for good were more likely to accomplish their goal with e-cigarettes. The study compared the use of electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, or […]

Having Trouble Sleeping? The Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows

sleeping on buckwheat pillow

Look at me, pretending to slumber softly after a long day of work. If you can ignore the lights, it’s actually a pleasant scene… at least for me. You see, I really like the idea of sleeping soundly. I would love to fall asleep moments after my head hits the pillow. Unfortunately for me, pretending […]