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Life is about quality, not quantity. Living a long time won't do you much good if you're too weak to walk down a flight of stairs. But topics of health and fitness are complicated, so many people avoid even trying. Though we're not doctors, nor do we play them on the Internet, we have learned a thing or two about staying fit and healthy. If you're willing to listen, we would love to show you what we've learned.

Get Better Clothes for a Better Workout

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Whether you have been working out for a long time now or you’re a newbie, you should know the advantages of wearing the right workout clothes. While this sounds more like a woman’s concern, wearing stylish and professional grade workout apparel can enhance your performance and expedite your progress. Not to mention, it can help […]

Acne Scars Don’t Have to Be Permanent…

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One of the most difficult parts about being a teenager was my acne. Sure, I was incredibly shy, a little lanky, and had braces, but the acne was by far the biggest blow to my self-esteem. I can’t really emphasize this one enough… I had acne on my face, which was frustrating, and cystic acne […]

My Easy Guide To Fitness For Gym Avoiders

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How do you feel about gyms? Getting fit in plain view of the general public isn’t the ideal way of doing things for many people. The prospect of grunts, profuse sweating, and having a face the colour of beetroot can put the fear into anyone. And let’s not even start with the attitude of some […]

How to Find Out if Your Doctor is as Good as You Think

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The role of the medical doctor Being a doctor is more than just a job for the majority of people within the profession. Medicine is an area that people aspire to work within (often from a young age) and then devote their lives to. In other words, a true vocation. The amount of training required […]

Simple Ways To Speed Up Recovery After Fitness

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If you haven’t exercised for a long time, you may feel stiff, tight, and very sore anything up to a few days after a good workout. It’s no surprise that painful muscles are one the biggest reasons that many people quit a new fitness regime before it’s even started. However, there are a few things […]

How to Survive Erectile Dysfunction

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Whether it’s related to a significant illness, a certain medication or is just a temporary loss of function, ED can disrupt your life in a number of ways. Instead of allowing it to progress into a deeper and even more traumatizing issue, educate yourself with these simple tips and information to help you survive erectile […]

10 Natural Skin Care Tips for Men

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There comes a time in every man’s life when he must pause, look in the mirror and recognize the need to change his grooming habits. Regardless of the type of man society claims you to be – butch, metro or somewhere in between, one thing reigns true: there is nothing sexy about cracked skin, wild […]