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Health & Fitness

sleeping soundly

It goes without saying that sleep is an important part of life. We have crazy adventures during the day (and into the night), but eventually we need to set our head down, get some sleep, and recharge. The reasons are numerous, but for a straightforward example, try not sleeping for a night and see how [...]

fallen injured man

One of my Australian friends called the other day in an absolute panic. He’s been working as a web designer for the past three years. His employer is going places and Billy sees a future there. He doesn't want anything to go wrong. His boss treats Billy well. When he has a deadline or works [...]

holding electronic cigarette

Smoking cigarettes is one of the most disgusting habits I know, second only to say, spitting or picking ones nose. It's not classy, you don't look cool doing it. It also absolutely stinks. Mike actually wrote about this very topic years ago in his "Up in Vape - Electronic Cigarettes Helping Smokers Butt Out" article, [...]

cycling to work

You decide to get fit and save money whilst doing so. You recognize there aren't enough hours in the day. You make a vow to get fit now on a schedule and throw a bit more money at the problem. This is a triple duty solution to a fitness emergency and you heard it here [...]

bouldering on a beach

I've talked about bouldering quite a bit over the last 6 months. It's a great alternative to a typical gym, and if you're interested in learning more about it, this interview I did with climber Guillaume Raymond is an excellent place to start. I ask him a bunch of questions, mostly pertaining to newbies, and [...]

not really a fat man belly

Slimming emergencies. We all have them. A close friend mentions love handles or puppy tummy in a playful moment. A glance in the mirror or a weigh-in at the scale is a reality check. Then a doctor happens to mention in gruff sotto voice, "You've put on at least two stone since last year's physical." [...]

old skateboard

Author Iain Borden ("Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body") writes about the importance of Z-flex skateboards and decks during the late 1970s era in Dogtown/Santa Monica, California. The "introduction of concave profiles" across deck widths' changed the future of skateboarding. And designers at Z-flex - skateboarders with intense performance objectives in mind [...]

woman eating food

Life is hectic. Meals are eaten on the run, and athletic performance starts to suffer. Soon, playing sports or going to the gym seems like work. If you're wondering how to eat better but don't know where to begin, here’s what you need to know. Nutritionists say “Eat this, don’t eat that" Blah blah blah. [...]

man lifting weights

New Year's resolutions sometimes come to a dead halt by February. That’s how it goes. Your resolutions to get or stay fit, that is. Promises made to go to the gym are promises every man should keep. Because exercising at least three times a week, not only gets you buff -- it makes you more [...]

Air Cleaning Plants: My Journey to a Healthy House Thumbnail

I used to plug in air fresheners throughout my house, giving the space a smell of flowers or clean linen. Although the fresheners worked for a time, I usually didn't smell them for more than a day or two. I'm only really home on the weekends anyway, so any good scents were lost in no [...]