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Everyone lives somewhere, and if you're like us, you probably want to decorate that somewhere. If you're looking for some awesome accessories for your man cave, or just want to know the best way to paint a room, we're here to help. We should probably have a drink while we're at it...

Cliff House Concept by Modscape

five-storey cliff house

Everybody wants an ocean view home but the problem with many of them is the fact that parts of the view are generally obstructed by something. That “something” can be another home, trees, or even utility poles. The Cliff House is a pretty unique and awesome concept created by an Australian based company called Modscape. […]

These Galaxy Beddings Are Truly Stellar


I’ve seen a lot of “galaxy” related products over the last year, and for good reason: space is pretty incredible. It’s full of stars, tachyons, and probably a lot of sexy aliens that we just haven’t found yet. If you’ve seen the overpriced galaxy leggings from Black Milk and the millions of knock-offs that they […]

How to Give Your Space a Custom-Design Look With Shelving

Photo by Andrew Archy

A bookcase is one of those classic details that can make an average older space look like charming vintage. Engaging a carpenter to design custom shelves can be financially prohibitive, but it’s possible to use ready-made, quality bookshelves to create a custom design look. Take a look at what we mean here. Shelves can also […]

How To Create The Ultimate Man Pad

Photo by: Anders Ljungberg

Whether you’re moving into your own property for the first time or have just moved to a bigger place, the opportunity to create the ultimate man pad is something most of us relish. From splashing the walls with the first lick of paint, to filling the space from corner to corner with gadgets, the personalization […]

How to Design Your Modern Man Cave

men in their man cave

Every man needs a man cave, a room of one’s own, but very few ever have the pleasure. Why? Because the in-laws need a spare bedroom when they stay over. Because the kids needs a playroom for all their toys. And because there are more important things in life, like having a second wardrobe or […]

Greg Klassen Furniture – Discarded Trees Given New Life

greg klassen river collection

There are some pretty unique tables out there but most usually go unnoticed by people. I mean, a table is a table, right? Usually that would be correct but if you see the Greg Klassen Furniture collection, you’ll definitely start seeing tables and trees in a different light. The Abyss Table was pretty cool but […]

Create a Thunderstorm in Your Home With a Cloud Lamp

thunder lightning cloud lamp

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you would pull your teddy close and cower under your blanket as thunder roared in the distance? No? Me neither. Anyone scared of thunderstorms is a big baby or a dog, and the dog is the only one that has a legitimate excuse. Me? I loved […]