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If there's one thing we've noticed over the years, it's that many reviews aren't very honest. They often leave out glaring problems, meaning sad times for the poor bloke who went out and bought the thing. Well, I'm here to tell you that we won't be pulling any punches. Whether we're reviewing the latest Android phone or an ultralight backpack, we'll cover it all, the good and the bad.

The VIZIO SB-3821 Made Me Love Soundbars…

vizio soundbar review

One of the biggest problems with immersive sound systems is that they take up a lot of room. You have the front speakers, the rears, and a sub-woofer, and they’re often large, unwieldy, and free standing. They can sound fantastic, but the cost – both in terms of space requirements and price – is high. […]

Is It Possible to Look Cool While Smoking an E-Cig?


In recent episodes of ‘True Detective’, writers have made the interesting choice to give Rachel McAdams’ Ani Bezzerides an e-cigarette habit. This has gotten a lot of people talking about the way that e-cigarettes are being marketed and whether or not they will ever be “cool” the way smoking has, for a long time, been […]

Bucardo Apple Pocket Watch


Taking the old and combining it with the new, that’s the idea behind the “Pendulum Collection by Bucardo”. The Bucardo collection of accessories take the new Apple Watch and turn into the old pocket watch for men or a pendent from women. The line consists of both men’s and women’s accessories that come in a […]

The Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer (TUO) Review


If you ask any of my friends what I’m like, they’ll say – among a great many other things, some of which would terrify you – that I love to organize things. I wouldn’t say it’s a hobby exactly, I’m merely attempting to optimize my life. Travel preparation is no exception. I only travel with […]

Dyson AM06 12″ Desk Fan Review


We have reviewed pretty much every type of consumer product Dyson currently sells. To say we’re fans would be an understatement, I personally love the designs of their product and the technology used to make them stand apart from the crowd. We did full hands-on reviews of the of the Dyson Air Multiplier fans, which […]

Why You Should Own a Drone

Photo by Christopher Michael

Let’s face facts: drones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. New applications for quadcopters are cropping up all the time, each more nifty than the last. If you’re considering purchasing a DJI Phantom drone or other model, but are still on the proverbial fence, check out a few awesome reasons for owning an unmanned aerial vehicle: […]

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review


Alcatel is the newest entrant in the North American smartphone/tablet market place, they’re the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in North America. We’ve previously reviewed an Alcatel tablet and their Idol X+ smartphone, the company now brings us their latest phone, the OneTouch Idol 3. We spent a couple of weeks reviewing their latest offering, the […]