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If there's one thing we've noticed over the years, it's that many reviews aren't very honest. They often leave out glaring problems, meaning sad times for the poor bloke who went out and bought the thing. Well, I'm here to tell you that we won't be pulling any punches. Whether we're reviewing the latest Android phone or an ultralight backpack, we'll cover it all, the good and the bad.

Blade Buddy – Razor Blade Sharpener

disposable razor blade sharpener

I don’t really shave these days and I’m kind of working on growing a beard. But I used to shave every two days becasue of my job and let me tell you that it was a total pain in the ass. I really, really dislike shaving my face. My skin is on the sensitive side […]

MB&F Melchoir: A High-End Robot Table Clock


One of my absolute favorite watchmaker is Maximilian Busser & Friends, also known as MB&F. I love the incredible watches the company comes up with, which are the creations of the company’s founder Max Busser. I also have a man crush on Max because of his “kid at heart” approach to his work and his […]

CuiZen Pizza Box Pizza Oven


The so-called man cave has become quite popular over the last decade or so; men have always had their special “play rooms” but I think the internet has really pushed the idea and the name “man cave”. Personally, I don’t believe in man caves, I’m a man and my entire house belongs to me and […]

USB Double Heater Lunch Box

usb lunchbox

Working in a large office can be a real drag during lunch time when everyone is fighting over the microwaves and a spot at one of the tables. I have experienced it myself when I worked at an office with 200 people. So you either wait in line, eat cold food, or grab takeaway. I […]

Open Sesame: Sesame The Smart Lock


As a fan of technology, I’m loving all the latest gadgets being pumped out of factories in China. I’m also a car lover and I enjoy the gadgets available in the latest automobiles, I’m a big fan of stuff like voice command (which a lot of old people hate), Bluetooth connectivity, and proximity keys. I […]

Luna – The World’s Most Intelligent Mattress Cover


Sleep is a wonderful state after a long day of adventuring, going to work, or really… just about anything. The trouble is that it’s often tough to fall asleep, especially when you’re sharing a bed with someone else. In my case, I happen to be that someone else. The person that tosses and turns and […]