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If there's one thing we've noticed over the years, it's that many reviews aren't very honest. They often leave out glaring problems, meaning sad times for the poor bloke who went out and bought the thing. Well, I'm here to tell you that we won't be pulling any punches. Whether we're reviewing the latest Android phone or an ultralight backpack, we'll cover it all, the good and the bad.

Open Sesame: Sesame The Smart Lock


As a fan of technology, I’m loving all the latest gadgets being pumped out of factories in China. I’m also a car lover and I enjoy the gadgets available in the latest automobiles, I’m a big fan of stuff like voice command (which a lot of old people hate), Bluetooth connectivity, and proximity keys. I […]

Luna – The World’s Most Intelligent Mattress Cover


Sleep is a wonderful state after a long day of adventuring, going to work, or really… just about anything. The trouble is that it’s often tough to fall asleep, especially when you’re sharing a bed with someone else. In my case, I happen to be that someone else. The person that tosses and turns and […]

Open Carry T-Shirts – Only In ‘Merica

open carry t-shirt

The American police departments across the country are under some pretty heavy scrutiny these days for using excessive force on civilians and in some cases, lethal force. I don’t know what’s running through the mind of a police officers but I sure as hell would not want wear one of these Open Carry T-Shirts when […]

Colorful Ferrofluid In A Bottle – Ultimate Office Toy

ferrofluid magnet

Here’s a pretty cool gadget that will keep you entertained for short periods of time when you don’t really feel like doing anything productive. Perfect for your desk at work or perhaps keeping the kids out of hair at home. It goes by the name of Colorful Ferrofluid in a Bottle because the previous version […]

Alcatel OneTouch Idol X+ review


Choosing a new smartphone has never been harder than it is right now, with so many companies offering a lot of great products it can be a long process to pick the right phone for the right price. That process just became a little harder with the introduction of a new player in the Canadian […]

Creative Cooking Gadgets For Your Kitchen

lochness monster soup ladle

When it comes to cooking, I stay out of the kitchen for the most part and let the lady of the house take care of these matters. Most people want a beautiful home and of course an amazing kitchen to go along with it but nice kitchens are quite pricey with your expensive appliances, cabinetry, […]

ALCATEL OneTouch Pop 8 Tablet Review


Go back 10 years and mention the word “tablet” and your friends/family will most likely think you have a headache and offer you a Tylenol or an Advil. Mention the word now and you’re bombarded with the other type of tablet, a digital device that lets you play games, listen to music, watch videos, “surf […]