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Gadgets & Gear

If you’ve got two legs and a pulse, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a thing for gadgets and gear. Smart phones, GPS devices, crazy guns that should likely not be owned by anyone in existence… you know, that sort of thing. Well, we cover it all. Here you’ll find news and reviews for the best gadgets the world has to offer.

headphones by Alex Braiwood

When I was a young kid, my sister and I would always put a tea cup to our ears and listen to the sounds that came out of there. We would love to create a pattern of sound by slightly moving the cup away from the ear and then closer. To us, it sounded like [...]

Barbecue dragon fan

Last winter was a very treacherous one for many parts of Canada and the USA; but it’s almost over and spring is just around the corner.  With spring and summer comes many good things like sunny skies, greenery everywhere, hot weather, and of course, scantily clad women.  Another great summer tradition is the Barbecue season. [...]

olympus camera

Today I want to share some thoughts about camera retailers and retailing... because I am sick of camera stores competing purely on the basis of "rock-bottom prices." Has anyone noticed how difficult it is to compare the offering of one company to another anyway? The "packages" may contain different items and pricing them out gives [...]

mogo upright seat

Focal, the company known for their Locus Workstation, has another very cool product called Mogo which acts as a portable upright seat. There has been numerous times when I'm out grocery shopping and I just feel like having a seat while the lady browses the aisles and takes her sweet ass time. There is not [...]

Paperpedic cardboard bed

You know what sucks about your mainstream furniture these days that you purchase at big box stores? Their absolute crap quality! They look nice but they get beat up so easily. And the good quality furniture is a major pain to move around because of its weight and of course, it's super expensive. Normally, some [...]

romeo y julieta cigars

A cigar cutter is an essential accessory for all smoke aficionados. Simply put, this tool helps cut the stogie at the tip which allows for ample air flow and a smooth draw. There are many different types of cigar cutters on the market. Smokers have long been known for their independent spirits and minds, so [...]

Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch: Bye Bye Android Hello Tizen Thumbnail

It seems like only yesterday when we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch; now just a few months after the announcement of the original Samsung smart watch, the Korean manufacturer has announced the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch.  Notice the exclusion of “Galaxy”, which has something to do with Samsung ditching Google’s Android [...]

recycle candles with rekindle candle

Alright, most of you guys probably don't give a damn about candles. I personally don't mind them and it's nice to light them up once in a while. Candles can be soothing and have the ability to make some people feel more relaxed. And those scented candles are pretty sweet too. A candle doesn't last [...]

hidden handcuff key

If the EDC community had a motto, I think it would be "better safe than sorry!". EDC enthusiasts, or Everyday Carry for those of you not in the know, like to be prepared. They often carry knives, flashlights, paracord, fire starters... you name it. All in the name of preparedness. It makes quite a bit [...]

shave tech usb shaver

About a month ago, I wrote about the Shave Tech USB Travel Shaver and based on the specs, it seemed like a pretty cool gadget to have. I went ahead and ordered the travel shaver because I like the way it looks, how compact it is, the USB feature, and it's affordable price of only [...]