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Gadgets & Gear

If you’ve got two legs and a pulse, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a thing for gadgets and gear. Smart phones, GPS devices, crazy guns that should likely not be owned by anyone in existence… you know, that sort of thing. Well, we cover it all. Here you’ll find news and reviews for the best gadgets the world has to offer.

celebrities using ecigs

Electronic cigarettes are fashion accessories to celebrities and the rich and famous. Rather than the tobacco cigarettes that are socially taboo in so many ways, e-cigs are stylish, fun, and in visible use all over the world. There’s also reason to believe that e-cigs can help those seeking to quit smoking look fashionable as they [...]

ResQ Pro Plus

About a month ago I wrote about the PowerAll Power Bank which is a device that will not only give your vehicle battery a boost but also your portable devices as well as a flashlight feature. A tool like that is very useful but another very common and annoying incident it can not fix is [...]

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite Smartphone with Infinite Power Thumbnail

Not only is TAG Heuer producing some stunning timepieces lately, the company has also ventured into the world of smartphones. Their latest phone (they’ve had other phones before) is the Meridiist Infinite smartphone with “infinite” power, the battery never needs to be charged… Or so the name would suggest, it’s actually a marketing gimmick, the [...]

lawn mower hybrid

Just yesterday, I wrote about the Honda 'Mean Mower' which set a Guinness speed record for the fastest lawn mower. Today I'll talk about another lawn mover, Raven MPV7100S, which may not be the fastest but definitely one of the most versatile lawn mowers around. What makes the Raven 7100S is that it can cut [...]

Starfleet Machine Black

Regular readers of Unfinished Man know my love affair with MB&F watches, and I’m a huge fan of Max Busser, the man behind the company. Not only does MB&F create some of the most outrageously awesome watches, they’ve also started to create other “things”, like the Music Machine. The watchmaker has teamed up with Swiss [...]

world’s most expensive toilet paper

A few years back, I wrote about the Golden Pill that makes your poop glitter. Surprisingly, it received a crap load of traffic. If you have $425 to make  your poop glitter then coughing up $17 for a roll of toilet paper should not really be an issue. A Japanese manufacturer is the creator of [...]

Aros smart A/C unit

I love the summer heat but on a rare occasion, some cool air blowing through the house is always nice as well. These days, everything in our homes seem to be "smart" and "app enabled". So why not have a smart air conditioner as well? Depending on the cost of electricity in your area and [...]

portable car jumper

I've had my share of dead car batteries over the last decade or so and a few instances where I ended up helping someone get started because their car battery was out of juice. We do have a car battery charger at home but I always wanted one of those portable devices which you simply [...]

Motorola Moto 360 watch price

I recently wrote about the Cogito Original smart watch, a watch that looked like a traditional watch with built-in smart watch features.  If you like that watch, you’re going to love the Moto 360 smart watch by (Lenovo owned) Motorola. Just a few days ago Google announced the Android Wear operating system for smart watches [...]

Google Android Wear smart watch

I predicted a while ago that the popularity of smart watches will soar in the next few years.  Well, I don’t have any solid sales figures, but judging by the variety of smart watches constantly being introduced to the market place, I’m guessing sales numbers are climbing. The biggest players in the industry so far [...]