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Some would call you a man-child, but we would just say you're inexperienced. If you're looking for recipes and cooking guides written in the most simplistic, straight forward way possible, then stick around. We'll make a master chef out of you yet, and you'll likely get drunk along the way. What's a meal without a drink?

Velopresso – For The Mobile Coffee Guru

Velopresso tricycle coffee shop

Coffee shops are a huge business and based on my experience, people are willing to purchase coffee from anyone whether you are a franchisee or a one-off cafe catering to a niche market. People say they only support local cafes but in reality, they will buy coffee from anyone just to get their fix (yes, […]

Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster For The Bachelor

hotdog toaster oven

I personally do not like hotdogs unless it’s loaded up with tons of flavor and has different ingredients to provide textures that cover up that “snap” that hotdogs are known for. Maybe it’s just me but I absolutely cannot stand the texture once you bite into it. I’ve had some fancy gourmet hot dogs and […]

Portland: Breweries, Distilleries, Goonies and Striparaoke

For craft beer enthusiasts, there is hardly any other place to celebrate their passion than the city of Portland.  With dozens of local breweries and always growing, a weekend away in this city never seems long enough to visit as many as possible. Especially, when you want to try all the taster flights that each brewery […]

Your Cookbook Can Make You Hot, Sweet, and Attractive

recipe on ipad

I’m a self-confessed foodie. When I’m not eating food, I’m thinking about it or planning to eat it. I’m on a constant quest to learn more about nutrition and don’t believe in deprivation. In fact, many Unfinished Man readers know that I advocate eating more food. What’s more, if I really, really crave comfort food, […]