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When you consider that most of us here are what some would call a “man-child”, then you probably won’t find it all that surprising that we try to cook things in the most simple, straight forward way possible. If you’re looking for simple, practical, and (most importantly) time-saving cooking tips, look no further.

woman drinking coffee

The United Kingdom is falling in love with coffee after centuries of tea romance. In December 2013, data from Britain's grocers showed that tea sales declined by about six percent over the last year--almost doubling the three percent fall in 2013. Trade publications, e.g. "The Grocer" reported that staple Tetley tea bag sales were off [...]

The “natural” label food industry scam

When I go grocery shopping and purchase a product I'm unfamiliar with, I almost always read the ingredients and look for one or two things which I avoid. Of course, most of the stuff I read in the ingredients should be avoided. If you can't pronounce it, avoid it. My wife on the other hand [...]

Top 5 <em>Least</em> Manly Drinks – Listen to Jacob Palmer… Thumbnail

If you’ve ever gone to the bar with a friend, chatted up some girls and then had your buddy order a Cosmopolitan, then you probably have some idea of how your choice of drink immediately affects people’s image of you. For men that want to maintain that manly image, it is important that you are [...]

Bourbon Whiskey Tasting – Portland Craft Thumbnail

With a liver barely surviving the delicious scathing that all the scotch had delivered from this month's Hopscotch Festival, I thought it could suffer some more abuse at the hands of a different kind of whiskey. But with little experience with bourbon, apart from the random interactions delivered from pesky acquaintances in the form of late night shots, [...]

SuChef App for custom recipes

I work from home and my wife works  a Monday to Friday, nine to five type thing. I let the lady do the cooking not because it's a woman's job but because my mind goes blank when I want to figure out what I should fix up for a meal. The fridge and cabinets are [...]

Hopscotch Festival 2013: Grand Tasting Hall Thumbnail

It is said you know you live a life of luxury, when you poison yourself for recreation. And god knows, I came close this year thanks to great people, like Executive Director Adam Bloch, who organize and participate every year at Hopscotch Festival in Vancouver. Going on 18 years strong, there's little sign of slowing down. As cliché as it [...]

Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival:	Glenfiddich and	Wounded Warriors Canada Thumbnail

It's that time of year again. Hopscotch, Vancouver's premium whisky, beer, and spirit festival is making its way to delivery an annual examination that tests the limits of our livers. There's tons in store for this week's festivities, so to kick off our series of articles we just couldn't turn down to check out what [...]

bloody sausage boudin noir

When you think of France, first things that come to mind include things such as the Eiffel tower, romance, culture, and usually fine cuisine. As a recently married guy, we still have not decided on a honeymoon destination and it seems to change every few days. From South Africa to road trips across America and [...]

foodydirect order food online barbeque

Being able to cook is one of those skills that is divisive amongst men. Many guys feel as though learning to craft culinary masterpieces is a waste of their time, preferring to subsist only on slabs of meat and whatever sides can be easily poured (slopped) out of a package or can. While great for [...]

That’s Not Barbeque – A Few Thoughts on Grilling the Right Way Thumbnail

I want everyone to take a moment of silence, and to reflect upon the tragedy presented before you. This man is murdering what was once a beautiful piece of meat. What’s worse? He’s performed this heinous act in the name of the most innocent and loving form of preparing food: barbeque. Now, I’m not railing [...]