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We're big fans of science and the technology that comes from it. Thankfully, these topics just happen to be pretty damn exciting. Who doesn't like watching the newest SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fly, or seeing the latest military exoskeleton?

Win an AMAZING Solar System Worth $16,500! #WinSolar

Photo by CoCreatr

Readers of Unfinished Man know how passionate we are about solar energy. Solar energy is completely renewable energy that benefits the environment and, most importantly, saves the homeowner significantly on monthly energy bills. As more electric companies’ rates are rising, it’s fairly standard to have an electric bill of $100 a month or higher. Homeowners […]

Makr Shakr — Robot Bartenders Are Here… and They’re Amazing

makr shakr robot bartender

Do you know what I love about the future? Robots. The future is going to be absolutely riddled with robots. Robots to take care of our annoying children, robots we can ride into battle like super fast, super awesome cheetah like horses, and of course, robots to make us fancy drinks to help us forget […]

A Brief History of… Microsoft Windows

bill gates sexy doom

I know from our server logs that most of you are Windows users, so let me ask you something: how long have you been using Windows? Do you remember what version you started using so very long ago? I really sunk my teeth into computers in the Windows 95 era, when my parents were finally […]

Real-Time Cyber Attacks Map — On Wearing a “Cyber Rubber”

cyber attacks map

The Internet is an amazing invention; perhaps our very best. It’s a place of endless information, rich media, rapid communication, and wonders yet undiscovered. But experiencing it without anti-virus software is like fucking a stranger without a condom – eventually you’re going to catch something nasty. So to illustrate this point, I would like to […]

Video: KUKA Robot vs. Timo Boll (Table Tennis Star)

robot vs man table tennis

It’s inevitable, man and machine battling it out. We created these monsters and now they’ve acquired the skills to kick human ass in ……ping pong? Thankfully, we’ve got years before these battles occur with actual weapons. For now it’s all fun and games. This clash occurred between Kuka KR Agilus and German table tennis superstar, […]

Glass Brain — Real-Time Brain Visualization in Unity3D

real time brain imaging

No matter what I write about, whether it’s a video game trailer I just watched or a set of photos I really enjoyed, I try and teach you something new, or at least make you use your brain. Given that most of our readers visit the site during the day, I’m guessing you guys aren’t […]