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We're big fans of science and the technology that comes from it. Thankfully, these topics just happen to be pretty damn exciting. Who doesn't like watching the newest SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket fly, or seeing the latest military exoskeleton?

ecoATM: Turn Your Old Phones Into Instant Cash


Modern technology is a beautiful thing, every year we’re bombarded with the latest smart phones, tablets, and many other devices that make our lives easier. We all want the latest and greatest, which creates a big problem… old phones and tablets that no one seems to want. I currently have quite the arsenal of old […]

Ecocapsule – A Truly Independent Micro-home


When people talk about living off the grid, you generally think of a hippie or tree-hugger type person. I know, these stereotypes are not nice. To some people, living off the grid means getting away from technology but very thing they get away from can actually make living off the grid a lot easier. Take […]

Range Anxiety Be Gone! KSPG Range Extender For Electric Vehicles

extende electric car driving range

We’ve written about electric cars on numerous occasions here and it’s great that consumers are starting to be more accepting of such vehicles. The problem of course is the limited range an electric vehicle has to offer at the moment. If you’re purchasing it as a city car only, then it’s totally fine but the […]

SALt – Lamp Powered By Salt Water

salt water powered lamp

I don’t know about the schools in other parts of the world but here in North America, we got to experiment with the “magic” of salt water and making eggs float in elementary school during science class. If there wasn’t so much greed in the world, I’m pretty damn sure that the world would have […]

Real Life Call of Duty Exo Suits Are Here


If you’ve played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The augmentation suits or more accurately, exoskeletons, that powered the advanced operators throughout the game. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, this trailer should clear things up. Now, here’s the thing: much of […]

Which Jobs Are “Future Proof?”


We’re arguably living in one of the most important times in human history. Our technology continues to improve at a nearly exponential rate, and with great power comes great responsibility. What will we do with that power? You may have heard, or read, about what many believe will be a massive AI and robotics revolution. […]

Win an AMAZING Solar System Worth $16,500! #WinSolar

Photo by CoCreatr

Readers of Unfinished Man know how passionate we are about solar energy. Solar energy is completely renewable energy that benefits the environment and, most importantly, saves the homeowner significantly on monthly energy bills. As more electric companies’ rates are rising, it’s fairly standard to have an electric bill of $100 a month or higher. Homeowners […]