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Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? I’m guessing it is, because what man doesn’t enjoy the latest in film, music, and anything else that a person would consider interesting or funny. We write everything ranging from album reviews, to gaming previews, to critiques of the latest Uwe Boll film.

the PETEBOX MGMT sitting in front of amp

I'm always amazed at the ingenuity of creative people, and what they can produce with limited materials. I found this video for Kids- The PETEBOX MGMT cover, which is an awesome continuous shot of Pete as he uses only his voice, a guitar, and a loop pedal to create what I think is a song [...]

Thom Browne 2012 – MOAR Spikes, MOAR Football Pads! Thumbnail

When it comes to men's fashion, I'm not too picky; if you're not decked out in Ed Hardy douchebaggery and your clothing generally fits and is clean, I won't overtly complain. That being said, when I saw the Thom Browne 2012 men's lineup, it reached through my monitor and punched me square in the junk. [...]

Lockout Trailer

Lockout, the action packed sci-fi thriller starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace is hitting theatres soon, and I'm damn excited to go see it. If you're thinking that the film sounds familiar, you're right. Lockout is also known as MS ONE: Maximum Security. One of the titles is for the North American release, and the other is for [...]

Matthew’s Day Off Commercial

Just yesterday I posted the teaser for this Ferris Bueller inspired Honda commercial, and already the full deal has hit the internet. It's sad too, because I had such high hopes for this. It's a commercial, featuring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller; how can a person screw that up? You see, Ferris Bueller's Day Off [...]

Ferris Bueller in Honda advert

The legendary Ferris Bueller returns at last! Bueller is a personal hero of mine, and likely the envy of anyone attending high-school in the 1980s. Now he's returned to bring us more of his quirky dialogue and worldly insights in the form of... a Honda commercial? Yes, apparently Matthew Broderick is reprising his role for an [...]

Prometheus International Poster

Given my continuing obsession with all things Prometheus, I'm excited to share this brand new international Prometheus poster with you. The art direction looks fantastic, and I'm glad that Ridley Scott is finally taking another shot at the science fiction genre. He's damn good at it. Having said that, I do have one minor concern. [...]

Pulse Rifle Firing

It's official, Gearbox has decided to delay Aliens: Colonial Marines until the fall of 2012. It's sad news, but to make it up to all of us, Gearbox just released this fantastic new cinematic trailer featuring a distinctly Aliens style and feel, and music from Moon, the 2009 science fiction movie staring Sam Rockwell. I [...]

Burger King Advertised Whopper Burger vs Reality

Several days ago, Chad showed our readers the work of Victor Hertz - who modified popular company logos to convey what we really feel when we see these popular logos and brands. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend checking it out. And while we are on the topic of advertising and logos, have [...]

Absolute Vomit

Every day we're bombarded with advertisements on television, the radio, and of course, the internet. Throughout the years, the face of advertising has changed, but one thing has remained the same: the fact that what advertising conveys is largely bullshit. In this amazing collection titled "honest logos", Victor Hertz paints a more realistic version of the [...]

Cooking Comically – Not Just Funny, But Super Easy Thumbnail

We've posted a few of our favorite man friendly recipes here, but up until now, we've never posted a great site with a few dead simple recipes geared towards men. There are man-can-cook websites out there, but frankly, they suck. They're boring, they're stupid looking, and more often then not they're full of things you [...]