Asphyxiation by Autoerotique – The Best Dodgeball Match Ever?


I’ve got a question for you guys: who likes dodgeball? When I was a wee lad, I loved the shit out of playing dodgeball. We used to play a version of the game called Doctor Dodgeball, and honestly… I was pretty much a master of the game. My nimble, twig-like body bounding around all nimbly […]

Cops and Nobbers – Batons are so Passé


This might just be the shortest, most juvenile post I’ve ever written for Unfinished Man. Maybe. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is… a collection of police whose batons have been replaced with giant, rubber dildos. I mean, I’m assuming they’re rubber. I know they come in a wide range of materials these […]

The Evolution of Comic Books – The Modern Fairy Tale?


Good day and salutations gentlemen! Today we shall be discussing an art form that has received new appreciation in recent years. An art form, that is a great fusion of story telling and design. An art form, once thought to be reserved for children. Ranging from the professionally produced graphic novels, to the free comic […]

The “Xbox One” Presentation Highlights – The Power of… Television


It’s that time of the decade again, and Microsoft and Sony are pimping their new consoles – the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – to great effect. Since the Xbox One is a powerhouse of unparalleled computing power, and the clear winner of this round of console races, I’ve decided to share the Microsoft Xbox One presentation, […]

Commander Chris Hadfield Sings Space Oddity… in Space


Space… the final musical frontier. Today I’ve got something very special to share with all of you, especially for our fellow Canadian’s in the audience. It involves space, David Bowie, and Commander Chris Hadfield, the handsome, mustachioed Canadian astronaut of my dreams. And you know what?