Claycat’s Hitman: Absolution – “Sexy” Cat Nuns Attack!


A few months ago, IO Interactive performed a hilariously terrible marketing blunder. They released a video featuring sexy, scantily clad nuns getting strangled and shot by Agent 47, and in the process pissed off a whole lot of people, myself included. It wasn’t until IO announced the return of David Bateson that I forgave them, and until […]

Bottles Beware! Will Keith, Destroyer of Recyclables


When it comes to guns, swords, bows, and other implements of violence and maiming, I (like many young boys) had my fair share of make believe. I would stage battles with friends, knees would be scraped, bruises would form, and it was a jolly good time. Then, I grew up a bit and eventually became […]

Felix Baumgartner’s “Stratos Jump” – The 128k Freefall


I say this all the time, and I’ll say it again… we’re living in a supremely interesting time. As a species, we’re now technologically sophisticated enough to send a person into the stratosphere using a helium balloon, and have him “safely” plummet 128,000ft back to earth at over 833mph? To that I say, sweet zombie […]

Connor Kills – The Weapons of Assassin’s Creed 3


In just a few short weeks, you’ll finally have an opportunity to play Assassin’s Creed 3. By all accounts it’s going to be the most expansive game in the series, and apparently this applies to the weapons and combat options as well. This latest trailer shows Connor kicking all sorts of ass using a wide […]

Leeside Skateboard Mayhem – The Zenga Bros


Perhaps you’ve noticed, but I don’t usually write about skateboarding, or post up skateboarding videos. As with most activities filmed by amateurs (excluding *ahem*, a certain type of home video), many of them are really awful beyond words. Every so often you see a great one, though, and this video by the Zenga Bros definitely […]

The Parkour Powered Rube Goldberg Machine


You may not be familiar with the term “Rube Goldberg machine“, but I guarantee you’ll recognize the concept. It’s basically a very complicated, over-engineered device that serves a very simple function. It’s like using a space shuttle to make toast, and sometimes the results can be hilariously awesome. This video features a very unique Rube […]

Far Cry 3 – Meet Citra, Dennis, and The Rakyat Tribe


Far Cry 3 has been under development for longer than I can remember, and usually that’s a bad thing. When a game is under development for that long, there’s often something seriously amiss. The result? Games like Duke Nukem: Forever. What’s exciting, is that Far Cry 3 actually looks not only okay, but really quite […]