Pacific Rim – An Epic Battle of Giant Robots and Aliens


I think it’s fair to say that most people think robots are pretty damn cool. They come in all shapes and sizes… some are real, and some are imaginary – like the behemoths in this movie – but most of them are pretty awesome – except maybe for this one. In fact, you may even […]

Bioshock Infinite – Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth Meet


As a self described “jaded gamer”, I like to think that I’ve pretty much seen it all by now. Though I still play a lot of games, it’s often simply out of habit than out of real, genuine excitement for the game I’m playing. Given the deluge of sequels, prequels, and re-hashes of other games, […]

The Dark Knight Rises – “Bane Outtakes” Video


A few months ago, Christopher Nolan released what I believed would be the epic conclusion to his incredible Batman trilogy. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both fantastic, and given the massive budget and Nolan’s writing chops, I expected nothing less from The Dark Knight Rises. So as I sat and watched the movie, […]

IT’S A SNAP! – Australian Education Commercial


This is just the beginning of my story, and I bet that you’re already wondering why the hell I’m writing about an Australian education commercial. I know you’re confused, and probably apprehensive about potentially wasting 2 minutes of your life on this, but I promise you… you’re going to love this video. Filmed for the Central […]

Moto Sutra – Kama Sutra Twist on Motorcycle Riding Positions

Sexy Motorcycle Riding Positions

A while back, we showed you guys the Snuggie Sutra showing us some interesting and freaky things that can take place in a Snuggie. Today, we have a video from the Russian YouTube channel, Vshleme, which incorporates the Kama Sutra with various motorcycle riding positions. If the pure power and performance of a motorcycle isn’t […]

Video: Corpse in Elevator Prank


Here’s another scary-ass elevator prank video by the Brazilian show that brought us the ghost in elevator prank video.  In this segment, we see the same office/receptionist/elevator but this time as people enter the elevator, three guys ask to “hold the elevator” and bring in a coffin.  The guys go back to get a wreath […]

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Less Torture, more Nerve Jabs?


So many video game sequels come out these days that I feel like one day, I’m going to run out of things to say about them. So far that hasn’t been the case, though, as there’s almost always something to complain about. Let’s take Splinter Cell: Blacklist for example, the 108th sequel in the long […]