Everyone has different taste in music, but unfortunately some people’s opinions are just wrong. We've decided to cover only the music which is scientifically proven as being awesome. We may post crappy music on occasion, but only in a mocking fashion. Rebecca Black, I’m looking at you.

Basement Jaxx — Never Say Never Featuring… Tw3rkbot 1.0

basement jaxx never say never

There are many things I love about the Internet, but one of my absolute favorites is just how much it has exposed me to new music. When I was a teenager, I mostly listened to dolphin sounds and movie soundtracks. No, I’m not even joking… believe me, I wish I were. The Internet – and […]

Unleash Your Creativity: Learn to Play The Guitar


Lots of people want to learn to play the guitar because it’s a relaxing and creative pastime. Researchers around the world have learned that many musicians experience maximum creativity when they pick up a guitar! When picking up a guitar for the first time, it’s easy to think that learning to play guitar is relatively […]

She’s Fine & Mine – Typez Ft. Carl Jones


Readers you’re so fine, and I’m glad you’re mine… I don’t write about music very often, but when I do, you know that I’m covering something that’s either very good, or very, very bad. In the case of She’s Fine & Mine by Typez, featuring Carl Jones, well, that all comes down to perspective. Love […]

Sextape – Drixxxe Presents a Hot & Heavy 70s Adult Soundtrack Mix


Let me start off by saying that while you probably shouldn’t listen to this on your speakers at work, it’s actually not that unsafe for work. Save for a few moans and groans… Right then, so what is this exactly? Well… it’s basically a collection of music and audio from 1970s adult entertainment videos that […]

Too Many Friends by Placebo – Do Computers Make Us Gay?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted up a music video, and for that I’m sorry. You see, I actively avoid 99% of the music out there for fear of lapsing into a coma from the shock of such terrible music, but every so often something special breaks through my bubble and I write about […]