Everyone has different taste in music, but unfortunately some people’s opinions are just wrong. We've decided to cover only the music which is scientifically proven as being awesome. We may post crappy music on occasion, but only in a mocking fashion. Rebecca Black, I’m looking at you.

Badass Kids Cover Led Zeppelin Songs on Xylophones, Bongos, and More


I don’t have many regrets, but it would have been nice to pick up a musical instrument somewhere along my path of “growing up” and becoming an “adult.” I actually loved playing xylophones in elementary school, as I’m sure most kids do. It’s satisfying to create something, especially music. Now, I’ve started learning to play […]

Wondering Why Country Music is So Awful?


I think it’s safe to say that country is categorically a terrible genre of music. If you don’t feel strongly one way or another about it, you need only listen to a few songs and I suspect you’ll change your tune. There’s just something inherently grating about it, both the sound typical of the genre, […]

Jamaican Dancehall Holiday You’ll Never Forget

Jamaican dancehall party

The Caribbean nation of Jamaica has much to offer such as the beautiful weather, amazing beaches, food, and the culture. But music is another reason to love Jamaica and the small nation has been putting out hits for decades now. The most famous musician of them all has to be Bob Marley who helped reggae […]

Rdio Online Music — Did The Music Industry Finally Get Something Right?

rdio on sonos sound dock

Like most human beings, I love listening to music. It’s on while I work and play, and I’m always on the lookout for new songs and performers. The trouble… is that I fucking hate the music industry. If you’ve ever wanted to study an industry that does everything possible to stall evolution, look no further […]

How to Buy Concert Tickets Quickly and Easily

rush concert helsinki

Attending a huge, stadium concert is a thrilling experience for many, but getting a ticket for these concerts can sometimes be frustratingly difficult. This is especially true when it comes to concerts for such world-conquering bands as Judas Priest and Canadian rock band Rush. Buying tickets from reputable online companies such as – or […]

Basement Jaxx — Never Say Never Featuring… Tw3rkbot 1.0

basement jaxx never say never

There are many things I love about the Internet, but one of my absolute favorites is just how much it has exposed me to new music. When I was a teenager, I mostly listened to dolphin sounds and movie soundtracks. No, I’m not even joking… believe me, I wish I were. The Internet – and […]