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This is where we're supposed to be funny, but no matter what we say, you're only going to be disappointed. So we're going to save you some trouble and instead share the most hilarious videos we can find, with a liberal dose of our own colorful commentary for good measure.

Amazingly Bad Retro Stock Photos


The 1970s were a time of big hair, both above the waist and below, wood paneling… on everything, and apparently, really bad stock photos. It seems some things never change; stock photos are as bad today as they were in the 1970s, but for today, let’s focus on these retro masterpieces. But before we continue […]

Don’t Drink and… Fly Your Spaceship?


It’s pretty much universally accepted that if you drive drunk, you’re a bad person. I’ve written articles on the topic, and I feel very strongly that getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated is a terrible idea. Just don’t do it! It hasn’t always been this way, though. There was a time not […]

The Donald Trump… Paperweight… is Great


Have you had a chance to see the presidential announcement speeches? If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out; they’re absolutely amazing! Between Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, and of course, Donald Trump, the American people have a great many conservative choices this election. My favorite of the bunch, […]

Don’t Play This “Deadly Croc Game” at Home


Japan, Japan… Japan: what are we going to do with you? I’ve said this so many times now that I’m starting to wear out the phrase, but seriously, Japan, you so crazy! You never fail to delight, or at least surprise, me with your wackiness. This little game is most definitely no exception, but I […]

Do You Want to Talk… Tactical? Call the Operator Hotline


Do you need to… talk tactical? If you just can’t get that new Colt 1911 out of your mind, then call 1-900-TAC-TALK to start a tactical conversation with combat hardened operators right now, one on one. If you’re not into tactical gear, then this video may be very confusing for you. Like any obsession, people […]

Self-Cut System Review: Cut Your Own Hair and Save Save Save!!!


A while back Chad sent me an email asking if I would like one of our writers, Noman, to review a product that has to do with hair, since he was cutting his own hair at that time. Chad described this product as a gadget that cuts your hair or “Self-Cut System,” so naturally I […]