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This is where we're supposed to be funny, but no matter what we say, you're only going to be disappointed. So we're going to save you some trouble and instead share the most hilarious videos we can find, with a liberal dose of our own colorful commentary for good measure.

Amazon Echo Video Parody


Just last week Amazon introduced us to their latest gadget, Echo. The Amazon Echo is a personal assistant type of a gadget that supposedly makes your life easier; it’s perfect for those that are too lazy to look something up on their smartphone. The release of the gadget also came with a short video of […]

Living at Home? You’re Not the Boss


I woke up a few hours ago after a restless night, and I’m extremely hung-over from having had far, far too much wine. I just wanted you to know that before I continue, because the following will make a lot more sense within that context. So, there’s this mobile phone company called GiffGaff, and their […]

These “Vandalized” Neighborhood Watch Signs are Amazing


Tell me something… who protects your neighborhood? I know what you’re going to say, the police are always on duty! That may be so, but who do you trust more, He-Man with his super strength and pointy sword, or trained police officers with guns and body armor? I think you know the answer. And it’s […]

Death Metal Construction Workers Video


When I was a teenager, I loved all things metal. Judas Priest and Blind Guardian were my staples, and many days and nights were spent rocking out to their music. So while I’m no longer the dedicated fan I once was, seeing this death metal construction worker absolutely made my day. I’m going to spare […]

The “Best” Jokes About Accountants — 10 Jokes You’ll Never Forget

nerd accountant man

The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival has wrapped up here in swelteringly hot Montreal, Canada, and to celebrate a series of shows that were comically not funny, I would like to share a series of jokes with you… jokes about accountants. After all, tax avoidance is all over the news these days (we’re looking at […]

The Legend of Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend — A Billy Herrington Adventure

ultimate muscle roller legend

One of my best friends, we’ll call him Jaro because that’s his name, loves emailing me the craziest videos and pictures he can find. He won’t even include a title or any explanation, just a link, and undoubtedly I’ll gobble up whatever he sends me because I’m a sucker like that. True friendship… or something […]

Remember Your First Kiss? What About Your First… Handjob

first kiss parody video

So, I saw this video the other day titled “FIRST KISS”. Someone described it as 20 complete strangers being asked to kiss each other for the first time, so I fired it up and started watching. It was about as awkward as I expected, but also kind of… nice? I remember my first awkward make-out […]