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As you’ve likely noticed, most of us here are pretty hilarious. A little known fact is that we actually run a comedy school here in Canada, and have trained some of the most funny people in the industry (this is a lie). However, not everyone appreciates our humor, so we promise to bring you the best of the rest, so to speak. We’re obviously more funny than these other people, but every so often someone creates an amusing video, and we’ll make sure to post it here.

first kiss parody video

So, I saw this video the other day titled "FIRST KISS". Someone described it as 20 complete strangers being asked to kiss each other for the first time, so I fired it up and started watching. It was about as awkward as I expected, but also kind of... nice? I remember my first awkward make-out [...]

avoiding embarrassment at pharmacy

A friend was telling me all about the country the other day. He likes most things about what he calls "village life." Except this. Busybodies… Generations of his family have lived in the same small town in the UK for many years. The family residence is a few hundred years old. That’s kind of new [...]

sexy facebook photo

Most of us have had an experience we'd rather not talk about that relates to social media. We're guys, and we really don't like to talk about our feelings. But this post isn't about feelings as much as it is I can't believe this happened. A new, quite beautiful girlfriend notices I don't have Facebook [...]

vladimir putin buttplug

I've talked about 3D printing quite a bit over the last few years. It's an exciting technology, and I believe it's finally starting to come into its own. Companies are using it to improve the quality of people's lives, they're using it to create clothes, and they're even using it to print out guns - [...]

The Most Amazing American Ninja Warrior – He’s on a Winning Streak… Thumbnail

There's nothing quite like competition to bring out the best in people. In the case of American Ninja Warrior - and yes, that's a real show - the best just happens to be an acrobatic naked man with fantastic facial hair. Yes, he's quite the athlete, and though you may think that I've ruined the [...]

Burly Men Turned Motorcycle Models – The Manigale 2013 Calendar Thumbnail

Here at Unfinished Man, we're passionate about motorcycles. We've developed an entire culture around the damn things, a culture of our very own. Faisal used to own a sports bike... Eddie likes them quite a bit, and me? Well, I was on a dirt-bike once, which is pretty much just like being a seasoned motorcycle [...]

food name fail

I've been known to be a picky eater but at the same time, I also love trying different foods from around the world. But I'm only open-minded to new cuisines, not weird cuisines. The strangest thing I've ever had is probably Ram testicles. I believe they call them “Rocky Mountain Oysters” and it was actually [...]

Nick Offerman Pees On All The Things: A Tasteful Music Video by Fidlar (Kind of NSFW, Obviously) Thumbnail

In the past year, Nick Offerman's star has risen to the point that most people now know all about this amazingly bearded, woodworking man's man. Playing the studly Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, he epitomizes the rugged steak eating, furniture building, no-bullshit forest lord that all men wish they could emulate to at least [...]

Detective Dripwell – The Mystery of the Mattress Stain Thumbnail

There are many masks that we wear in our daily lives. Masks for home, one for work, another amongst friends, and they are made of many parts. Our tattoo's and fashion. They way we hold our shoulders or saunter down the street. Even the little dog your girlfriend carriers in her purse. Of course, the [...]

Justin Giger Aliens – A Terrifyingly Hilarious Tumblr Thumbnail

Does Justin Bieber terrify you beyond all reason? If he doesn't...why not?! If you're having a hard time hating him even after the numerous callous displays of his monkey-abandoning, leopard-print-car-having, leather-sweatpants-wearing ways, then I have just the Tumblr to scare some goddamn sense into you. It's called JustinGiger, and it is amazing. And terrifying. And [...]