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One of our favorite ways to procrastinate is by playing video games. They're fun, they're interactive, and since we play them all the time anyway, we may as well share our passion with you guys. If you're here to find the latest video game trailers completely with our very own colorful commentary, you're in the right place. We even review games every now and again.

Return of Need for Speed

Photo credit EA Games

EA announced a reboot of their popular gaming franchise, Need for Speed. They released a short teaser trailer, and even though it didn’t reveal much, it has me excited. It’s undeniably cool to see a RWB Porsche tandem drift with what appears to be Vaughn Gittn Jr.’s prototype Mustang. I also spotted a Hakosuka, a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Playing Blackjack

Photo by Stratosphere

Blackjack is one of the many table games that will catch your eye as you enter any casino or casino website. Blackjack is a game with a simple strategy- to get as close to 21 without going over. However, the game becomes more complex as you dive into the strategy of playing one of the […]

The Benefits of Taking a Poker Break

Photo by cyOFdevelin fame

Whether you play recreationally or play as your career, it is essential to take breaks from the poker world. This is extremely important if you are transitioning from playing poker as a sport to playing poker for a living. Poker is a game of highs and lows and often times mirror your moods with your […]

This The Witcher Calendar is Pretty Sexy…


There’s pretty much no series I enjoy more than The Witcher games from CD Projekt Red in Poland. Say one thing for the Polish, they know how to drink profusely and make awesome games, probably at the same time. They’re also seemingly unafraid of controversy. The worlds they build for The Witcher games are massive, […]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — Adam Jensen is Back… and He’s Wearing ACRNM


A few days ago, I posted up some leaked screenshots of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the upcoming sequel to Eidos Montreal’s hit first-person action role-playing stealth video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you’re one of our long time readers, you may remember that I was absolutely obsessed with Human Revolution. What can I say, […]

Here’s What We Know About Deus Ex: Mankind Divided From The Leaks


Let me start by saying that yes, these are brand new, never before seen screenshots and concept art for Eidos Montreal’s upcoming sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They’re calling it Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and it seems that someone at the company decided to release these shots a little early. If you’re one of […]