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Here at Unfinished Man, some of us absolutely love books. Some of us hate them, but you know what? Those people won’t be writing here anyway, so too bad. Yes, we’ll review everything from the latest thriller, to that book about finances that your uncle keeps bothering you to read.

daemon and freedom books

I've had a real hankering for Sci-Fi the last few months. Actually, if I've being completely accurate here, I've almost always got a hankering for good Sci-Fi. There's just so much bad stuff that when I find something good - like Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez - I'm really, really excited. So without further [...]

The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch’s Latest Sneaky Masterpiece Thumbnail

I've got to tell you, there's nothing I hate quite as much as depression. It's not that I'm depressed (I love myself far too much for that), but that on occasion other people get depressed. Great people even... people like Scott Lynch. You see, a few years ago Mr. Lynch wrote a lovely book called [...]

<em>I Will Teach You To Be Rich</em> by Ramit Sethi Thumbnail

When it comes to reading books, I've got a voracious appetite. For me, there's nothing quite like a good book. I've been reading almost daily since I was a young boy, and there are very few genres that I shy away from reading - even the odd non-Twilight vampire novel. But there's one genre of [...]

<em>Choose Yourself</em> by James Altucher – 2 Minute Book Review Thumbnail

Today is a special day; it's special, because I'm kicking off a brand new section of the site: books. Yes, for someone that gives people such shit for not reading books, I sure haven't been very good about promoting them here on Unfinished Man. So today I'm going to change all that, and I'm starting [...]