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How to Upgrade your Office with Linear Motion Systems

Photo by Wackystuff

Linear motions systems are a critical part of modern day systems. The critical division between uniform and non-uniform motion along a vertical plane has made technology applications numerous. However, it is essential for users of this technology to be able to identify systems that will integrate seamlessly. To meet modern technological needs, linear technology has […]

This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Presentation is…


This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain gameplay presentation is absolutely terrible and definitely not worth watching, unless of course, you’re a fan of games with incredible gameplay, a deep story, and stunning visuals. Konami may have released the very last trailer for the game, but apparently that doesn’t extend to gameplay presentations. This […]

ecoATM: Turn Your Old Phones Into Instant Cash


Modern technology is a beautiful thing, every year we’re bombarded with the latest smart phones, tablets, and many other devices that make our lives easier. We all want the latest and greatest, which creates a big problem… old phones and tablets that no one seems to want. I currently have quite the arsenal of old […]

What’s Going On With Game of Thrones?


Let me start off by saying that this article may contain spoilers. It will also definitely contain meandering ruminations on the direction of the television series. If you’re going to read what I have to say, then I suggest you be caught up on the series. Having read the books wouldn’t hurt either, but isn’t […]

The Last Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain Trailer Ever?


The title sounds a bit hyperbolic, but I couldn’t fit exactly what I was trying to say. What I meant was that this may be the last Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain trailer that Kojima directs, and that my friends, makes me a little sad. As you’ve likely heard, Kojima and Konami aren’t exactly […]

Hitman is Back. David Bateson is Back.


If you’re a fan of the Hitman games, then the past two days have been an exciting time for you. IO Interactive gave us an awesome glimpse into their new game with a cinematic trailer, shown below, and David Bateson – the voice of Agent 47 in all of the previous Hitman games – has […]

Race Rain or Shine with Forza Motorsport 6

Photo Credit Forza Motorsport

The Forza Motorsport franchise has a reputation for building some of the most immersive racing games around. I think, for me personally, it was the fact that the in-game car sounds were spot on. It really elevated the games above the rest of the competition. Hearing an actual Ferrari wind out, or a rotary scream […]