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Return of Need for Speed

Photo credit EA Games

EA announced a reboot of their popular gaming franchise, Need for Speed. They released a short teaser trailer, and even though it didn’t reveal much, it has me excited. It’s undeniably cool to see a RWB Porsche tandem drift with what appears to be Vaughn Gittn Jr.’s prototype Mustang. I also spotted a Hakosuka, a […]

Video: A Look At the Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is definitely worth even more. A couple of weeks ago we showed you pictures of some of the main cars from the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie, today we’re presented with a video showcasing some of these sinister cars. The video below takes a […]

‘Twin Peaks’ Tarot Cards are Cultishly Delightful


Twin Peaks might just be the best show I never watched. It aired long before I was old enough to appreciate it, and though I’ve seen the first episode as an adult (and loved it,) I just never found the time to really dive in and experience the whole thing. I know, excuses, excuses… perhaps […]

A Realistic Furious 7 Presented by College Humor


I remember the first time I watched the original Fast & Furious movie (or was it called The Fast & The Furious?), it was pretty awesome and I loved seeing cars racing on the street and at the drag strip. Looking back now, it wasn’t that great but I’d say it was still pretty good […]

Here’s How to Really Support Your Favorite Indie Band…

Photo by Gabriel Radley

As I write this article, I’m listening to one of my absolute favorite “electronic” artists: Carpenter Brut. See that person up above? That’s not actually him, that’s just a random musician I found to represent Indie music, so you’ll have to use your imagination on this one. Having a favorite artist is a big deal […]

Range Anxiety Be Gone! KSPG Range Extender For Electric Vehicles

extende electric car driving range

We’ve written about electric cars on numerous occasions here and it’s great that consumers are starting to be more accepting of such vehicles. The problem of course is the limited range an electric vehicle has to offer at the moment. If you’re purchasing it as a city car only, then it’s totally fine but the […]

Do You Want to Talk… Tactical? Call the Operator Hotline


Do you need to… talk tactical? If you just can’t get that new Colt 1911 out of your mind, then call 1-900-TAC-TALK to start a tactical conversation with combat hardened operators right now, one on one. If you’re not into tactical gear, then this video may be very confusing for you. Like any obsession, people […]