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Dating Advice

When it comes to dating and the four-legged frolic, most men are completely inept. Be it a lack of experience, bad advice, or simple idiocy, we aim to help you out; Isn’t that nice of us? Instead of boring you with the same regurgitated nonsense you’ve read on a dozen websites already, we present you with our not-so-secret weapon… a real… life…. WOMAN! Who better to give advice than the gender on the receiving end of all our awkward advances?

charles darwin beard

Charles Darwin thought that women find bearded men more attractive and masculine. He theorized that men with beards had more potential mates and were considered socially dominant. According to his research, beards were grown by men to signal status and virility. Bearded men have the dominant advantage, say ecologist Barnaby Dixon (Australia) and psychologist Paul [...]

Scott’s Super-Duper Secret Manual to the Women Thumbnail

Valentines Day is well behind us, all the chocolates have been eaten, the strawberries have gone bad, and the wine is flat. Personally speaking, it was a wonderful evening, and I hope it was as wonderful for you. There just seems to be one thing that has persisted from this. The complaints of oblivious men [...]

woman wearing sexy bra

If you’re reading this, then you've come to your senses and realized that the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart is one that you’ll both enjoy, like, oh... a sexy new bra! Unfortunately, shopping for lingerie at a store can be a little embarrassing. To save you from wandering aimlessly around Victoria’s Secret and [...]

loving valentines fingers

Some lucky people go into Valentine's Day as if it were no big deal, but other people end up sweating bullets! If you are a guy who has always been a little flummoxed by the big day in February, there are actually a number of things that you can do to stay calm and to [...]

Show Your Woman Some Appreciation: Creative Methods Thumbnail

Chances are, you've probably been chided by your woman for not appreciating her enough. We're not just talking about showing her some affection and buying her a little gift on holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, we are talking about making her feel special all year around. Unfortunately, upon deciding to become more active [...]

How NOT to Propose – A Few Common Proposal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Thumbnail

There's no doubt that determining how you'll propose to your significant other is one of the most exciting events you can plan. However, what should be a sweet, memorable moment can often go awry if certain details aren't considered. As you read this article, you'll learn about a few common proposal mistakes and how to [...]

valentines day evolution

Valentine's day has never been my thing. I consider it an unnecessary tax on men, much like the lottery is a tax on the poor. I mean, come on; one day out of the year, guys have to go out of their way just to prove something just because the media tells you to do [...]

Want to get Laid? Learn from the Best in the Business Thumbnail

It is not common to meet a man who continuously tries to pick up women in public. On top of that, imagine doing it while using ridiculous dares, tactics, and hilarious methods. It’s even more rare to meet a man who is willing to do this for the camera so the whole world can see. [...]

Stop Fighting Over Small Things: Tips For Long Term Bliss Thumbnail

Long term relationships are amazing things. As you spend more time with your special someone, you start to realize that the difference between the complete devotion of love and the insurmountable irritation of hate is minuscule: this thin line between love and hate has been proven with SCIENCE. Since these powerful emotions are chemically interconnected, we [...]

relationship type of guy offering wine

Lots of guys describe themselves as a 'relationship type of guy'. There's definitely nothing wrong with that. In fact, knowing that you are should make you more attractive to women who are looking for the one, right? Believe it or not, basing your dating life around being a relationship type of guy can actually lead [...]