Dating Advice

When it comes to romance, most men are completely inept. Whether it's from bad advice or simple lack of experience, we're here to help. Wondering where the best places are to meet cute women your age? Wondering what topics you should avoid on a date? We've gone through it all ourselves, and we're here to share every embarrassing moment with you. Maybe some of it will even help.

Why I Still LOVE Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings

couple wearing wedding rings

As a woman in post-feminist society, I’m not supposed to love diamonds. I’m sorry, feminists. I really, really love diamonds and everything they represent today. Marriage is still a very big deal to me! Diamonds, say feminists, are some sort of vestigial remnant of a time when new husband and father-in-law traded goats or sheep […]

In the Doghouse? How to Get Yourself Out

man in the doghouse

Ever since that one thing happened, your significant other has been ignoring your attempts to reconcile, giving you less praise than usual, and so on. We call this the doghouse. If this is your first time in the doghouse, never fear, for there are numerous ways out. They might not be immediately obvious (or immediately […]

7 Simple Ways to Show Her Your Love


While love is often talked about, showing your love can be something which is quite difficult to do especially if you are a man. Although, there are guys who do not have problems in showing and telling their women their feelings, there are many who can use some ideas on how to go about the […]

Charles Darwin Knew About Women

charles darwin beard

Charles Darwin thought that women find bearded men more attractive and masculine. He theorized that men with beards had more potential mates and were considered socially dominant. According to his research, beards were grown by men to signal status and virility. Bearded men have the dominant advantage, say ecologist Barnaby Dixon (Australia) and psychologist Paul […]

Scott’s Super-Duper Secret Manual to the Women

dating tips

Valentines Day is well behind us, all the chocolates have been eaten, the strawberries have gone bad, and the wine is flat. Personally speaking, it was a wonderful evening, and I hope it was as wonderful for you. There just seems to be one thing that has persisted from this. The complaints of oblivious men […]

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift? Check Out These 6 Sexy Bras

woman wearing sexy bra

If you’re reading this, then you’ve come to your senses and realized that the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart is one that you’ll both enjoy, like, oh… a sexy new bra! Unfortunately, shopping for lingerie at a store can be a little embarrassing. To save you from wandering aimlessly around Victoria’s Secret and […]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Buying Tips for Guys

loving valentines fingers

Some lucky people go into Valentine’s Day as if it were no big deal, but other people end up sweating bullets! If you are a guy who has always been a little flummoxed by the big day in February, there are actually a number of things that you can do to stay calm and to […]