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There’s a huge ocean out there, and if you have the money for an expensive yacht, I highly recommend it. You can tell us all about it since we’re far too poor to buy one ourselves! This section is all about anything automated and aquatic, especially of the awesome or expensive variety.

picchio boat on the water

I'm not a huge fan of the open water but I do appreciate boats and yachts. Nope, I don't have a great deal of experience with any type of boating really but I love the design of boats and how two similar sized boats can differ in so many ways. We've written about lots of [...]

fiver person personal submarine

I've never been a big fan of the underwater world and the thought of swimming in the middle of the ocean where it's 100's of feet deep if not more just freaks me out. Although I don't like being out in the water too much, I do enjoy boats and watercraft. There are some pretty [...]

S-Class of the Seas: Mercedes-Benz Arrow460 Granturismo Yacht Thumbnail

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the most luxurious cars out there and the latest S-Class is not only super-luxurious but also full of some of most advanced technologies ever seen in a car.  Mercedes has taken all of that luxury, style, and technology and applied it to a yacht, called the Mercedes-Benz Style Arrow460 [...]

Azzam super yacht

One day, I'd love to own me a yacht or sailboat even if it's not a 100+ feet I day dream about. I'm easy like that. While I dream about my future yacht, I can at least drool over the various super yachts being developed for the super rich including Azzam, one of the largest [...]

yachts in harbor

Getting out on the water is always the highlight of my summer. Needless to say, my boat is an important investment, and one I want to protect. So I made sure to find a policy that both meets my needs and offers good boat insurance rates. Know Your Options The secret to getting the right [...]

Migaloo Yacht Submarine

My ex-boss once sailed from South Africa all the way down to Florida in his mini yacht. People always talk about travelling the world but they usually do it via flight. Usually those with disposable income are fortunate enough to experience that but even fewer people are able to travel around the world in a [...]

WaterCar Panther Ambhibious Car

Finally, an amphibious vehicle that actually looks cool, goes fast on land and water, and can perform pretty decently off-road as well. The WaterCar Panther has been in the making for 14 years now with 27 patents under its belt and a ridiculous number of labor hours has gone into the development of this badass [...]

Electric Hot Tub Boat

This past summer, I showed you guys the $50k Dining Barbecue Boat which seems like a pretty ridiculous purchase. Today, I'll show you guys something that is a tiny bit less expensive and features something better than a barbecue. Yes, this Hot Tub Boat features an eight-foot hot tub which can accommodate up to six [...]

Biofuels & Boats – The Experimental RCB-X and Beyond Thumbnail

Last year I spent a few weeks in the Belize jungle. It was an often harrowing experience, and at the end of the trip, my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip by boat to one of the nearby keys to relax. As it turned out, that too was a harrowing experience. As the [...]

2013 Gibbs Quadski

It seems that amphibious vehicles tend to have some pretty interesting names such as the Humdinga and the Scamander. And now, we have the Quadski. Although Quadski is a bit of a generic and corny name, I assure you, the actual vehicle is not so bad. The Quadski is manufactured by Gibbs Technologies, the same [...]