Motorcycles & Bicycles

We love bikes and motorcycles – do you know why? They do more with less. Bikes and motorcycles have only two wheels, and yet they have all the speed and grace of their four-wheeled brothers in a smaller package. If it’s fast and runs on two wheels, you’ll probably read about it here.

Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag System For Motorcyle Riders

Alpinestars airbag crash test

I’m no rider but I’ve witnessed two motorcycle crashes in person and it’s not a pretty scene. The human body is weak, especially when you throw in high speeds and pavement into the equation. Despite the dangers of riding on a motorcycle, the thrill of the ride is well worth the risks involved. In many […]

Limited Edition Ural MIR Motorcycle


If you’re a fan of a retro motorcycle that’s not another Harley Davidson or an Indian, particularly WWII sidecar motorcycles, Russian bike builder Ural has what you’re looking for. Although the company’s older bikes are known for a lack of reliability, but from what we hear, their new stuff is robust and will take you […]

Bygen Hank Direct Bike – No More Chains

Hank Direct Drive

We’ve written about with different features but the Bygen Hank Direct Bike is probably the most unique bicycle we’ve featured to date. What makes the Bygen Hank Direct Bike unique is that it skips using a chain or belt drive and instead uses a direct-drive system. Your turning pedal is now directly powering the rear […]

Motopeds Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition

survival bike

I’ve been cycling a lot these last few months. It’s good exercise, it’s inexpensive, and I’ve really come to enjoy it… for the most part. I live in a bike city. We’ve got dedicated bike lanes all over the place, and they’re a fast way to get around. That is, until they’re blocked up by […]

2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle

LA Indian MY15 PR shoot May, 2014

The “other” American motorcycle maker is what most people would call Indian Motorcycles. But I do like the company a lot more than H-D, for some reason. Indian Motorcycles is bringing back one of their classic bikes, the Scout. The original Scout motorcycle was in production from 1929 to 1949, and was a race winning […]

Polaris Slingshot – Three Wheeled Crowd Pleaser

three-wheel Polaris bike

Polaris is known for making a slew of , motorcycles, neighborhood electric vehicles, and snowmobiles. Well, looks like they are now getting into the three-wheel market with the introduction of the Polaris Slingshot. Unlike the I’ve written about in the past, this one is more car-like although it is still classified as a motorcycle. The […]