Motorcycles & Bicycles

We love bikes and motorcycles – do you know why? They do more with less. Bikes and motorcycles have only two wheels, and yet they have all the speed and grace of their four-wheeled brothers in a smaller package. If it’s fast and runs on two wheels, you’ll probably read about it here.

Faraday Porteur S Electric Bicycle


We’ve written quite a few posts on electric bicycles here at Unfinished Man, some of these bikes look pretty futuristic while others take the retro design route. But one of the most inconspicuous designs I’ve seen so far has to be the Faraday Porteur S electric bicycle. The Porteur S is the more affordable version […]

MotoGP Bike for the Streets: Honda RC213V-S


The average 600cc sport bike is more has more than enough power for the average guy/girl, but you can get bigger and much more powerful sport bikes for the street. Racing versions of these bikes are absolutely potent, but the ultimate in motorcycles/racing are the bikes from MotoGP, which are incredibly advanced, powerful, and fast. […]

Supercharged Bienville Legacy Motorycle

supercharged Bienville Legacy bike

You don’t need much power on a motorcycle to go fast as they weigh next to nothing but there are always people out there who want to push the limits. Kawasaki has a pretty amazing 1000cc super sport Ninja H2 and H2R which are both the world’s first production motorcycles with a supercharger and also […]

Mando Footloose – Electric Bike With Up To 28 Mile Range

electric bicycle

Electric modes of transportation are becoming more common and it doesn’t only apply to passenger vehicles. There’s electric motorcycles and skateboards which we’ve written about in the past. And the electric bike is also becoming a pretty common sight although I kind of have mixed feelings about these gadgets. Besides getting to work, people usually […]

Kickin’ It Old School – Cruz Vintage Electric Bicycle


As time moves forward, we always tend to look back and remember the simpler times. I was born in the 80’s and I always consider my childhood simple and more enjoyable than that of today’s children. But my parents said the exact same thing when I was growing up. Of course progress is always good […]

Volvo Life Paint – Turns Everything Into Safety Gear

Life paint by Volvo

Riding a bicycle in the city is fun but can also be dangerous business, especially when the sun sets and the night takes over. Bicycle riders get hit by vehicles all the time and one of the main reasons is because the driver didn’t’ notice the rider until the last moment but by then it’s […]

BMW Urban Racer Concept Motorcycle

BMW concept Urban Racer

We see concept cars all the time from the various automakers. It’s pretty much a bi-weekly or monthly event where we are shown vehicles which will get its 15 minutes of fame and poof, never to be seen again by the public. Seeing concept motorcycles on the other hand is not exactly a common thing. […]