Motorcycles & Bicycles

We love bikes and motorcycles – do you know why? They do more with less. Bikes and motorcycles have only two wheels, and yet they have all the speed and grace of their four-wheeled brothers in a smaller package. If it’s fast and runs on two wheels, you’ll probably read about it here.

Retro Looking Bolt M-1 Electric Bike


San Francisco based company, Bolt, takes retro bicycle/motorcycle styling and combines it with modern technology, giving the world the Bolt M-1 electric bike. The Bolt M-1 looks like a hybrid between a bicycle and motorcycle, but the speeds it reaches tips the scales towards motorcycle. However, according to Bolt, you don’t need a license, so […]

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Motorbike

Photo by Frank Kehren

Every man should ride a motorbike at least once in his life. It’s a phenomenal experience, to feel the power and weight beneath your body. Riding a bike is like riding a wild animal. It’s ferocious, unsettling, but tons of fun. Once you get the basics down, it’s surprisingly simple and comfortable to ride too. […]

World’s First Cycling Radar – Garmin Varia Rearview Radar


I’ll be honest, a few douche bag bicyclists have made me turn against all bicyclists that use the road. Here in Vancouver, you’ll see many posted signs that say “Share the Road” with bicyclists. Sharing the road however does not mean that people on bicycles take up the entire lane and block fast moving traffic. […]

Full Suspension vs Hard Tail Bikes: What’s the difference?

Photo by Bryn Jones

Fast, mechanically complex, and just a little dangerous; what’s not to love about mountain bikes? After all, who doesn’t love hurtling down slopes in the mud and rain, with only a helmet and a layer of Lycra to protect you from the world. If you’re looking to get experience the exhilarating highs and lows of […]

The Honda CB Series Motorcycles – For the Butt Man


Everybody likes butts. Everybody’s got a butt. Butts are one of the most important unions of fat and tissue on your body. They go everywhere you go. Without your butt, where would you be? So it’s about time you gave something back to your butt. After all, you drag it out of bed every morning, […]

Faraday Porteur S Electric Bicycle


We’ve written quite a few posts on electric bicycles here at Unfinished Man, some of these bikes look pretty futuristic while others take the retro design route. But one of the most inconspicuous designs I’ve seen so far has to be the Faraday Porteur S electric bicycle. The Porteur S is the more affordable version […]

MotoGP Bike for the Streets: Honda RC213V-S


The average 600cc sport bike is more has more than enough power for the average guy/girl, but you can get bigger and much more powerful sport bikes for the street. Racing versions of these bikes are absolutely potent, but the ultimate in motorcycles/racing are the bikes from MotoGP, which are incredibly advanced, powerful, and fast. […]