Motorcycles & Bicycles

We love bikes and motorcycles – do you know why? They do more with less. Bikes and motorcycles have only two wheels, and yet they have all the speed and grace of their four-wheeled brothers in a smaller package. If it’s fast and runs on two wheels, you’ll probably read about it here.

Motoped Cruzer: Eco-Friendly Personal Transportation


We recently wrote about the Survival Bike by Motoped, which the interwebs loved, now the company is giving us something with a little more luxury and style, the Motoped Cruzer. The Motoped Cruzer is inspired by early 1900’s board-track racers, featuring classic design cues and materials found on motorcycles from days gone by. The Cruzer […]

Akrapovic Full Moon Concept


Akropovic, the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer, also ventures into building custom motorcycles from time to time. Their previous custom motorcycles was the Marsus; fast forward three years and the company presents the Akropovic Full Moon Concept motorcycles. The Akropovic Full Moon bike looks like something you’d find in a Final Fantasy game. The one-off motorcycle is […]

The Scooter That Folds In Two – MOVEO Electric Scooter

foldable electric scooter

We’ve written about plenty of electric scooters in the past and they are all pretty much the same thing at the end of the day with with minor differences such as weight, speed, and some design elements. And usually, when you hear “folding scooter”, something along the lines of a stand-up scooter comes to mind. […]

Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag System For Motorcyle Riders

Alpinestars airbag crash test

I’m no rider but I’ve witnessed two motorcycle crashes in person and it’s not a pretty scene. The human body is weak, especially when you throw in high speeds and pavement into the equation. Despite the dangers of riding on a motorcycle, the thrill of the ride is well worth the risks involved. In many […]

Limited Edition Ural MIR Motorcycle


If you’re a fan of a retro motorcycle that’s not another Harley Davidson or an Indian, particularly WWII sidecar motorcycles, Russian bike builder Ural has what you’re looking for. Although the company’s older bikes are known for a lack of reliability, but from what we hear, their new stuff is robust and will take you […]

Bygen Hank Direct Bike – No More Chains

Hank Direct Drive

We’ve written about all types of bicycles with different features but the Bygen Hank Direct Bike is probably the most unique bicycle we’ve featured to date. What makes the Bygen Hank Direct Bike unique is that it skips using a chain or belt drive and instead uses a direct-drive system. Your turning pedal is now […]