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We love writing, but there's a great old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. If you love browsing photos of beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful people and objects, and the most unique contemporary art we can find, come join us on a little adventure. We'll even throw in a bit of street art for good measure.

The Darker Side of Society — Are We Really Like This?


There’s incredible power in expressing ideas through art, whether a person is trying to highlight humanities greatest strengths, or our deepest lows. This collection of paintings by Spanish artist Luis Quiles (aka Gunsmithcat) covers the latter. This artwork definitely doesn’t portray humanity in a very good light. The imagery is dark, borderline “inappropriate,” and covers […]

Man Photobombs Stock Images To Make Them More Realistic


Almost overnight, art director of advertising Matthew Vescovo has become one of my favorite people on the planet. I don’t love him quite as much as Elon Musk or Daniel Craig, but he’s right up there. You see, he’s taken stock images and made them amazing. That may not sound impressive, but for someone that […]

Hipstory — World’s Greatest Leaders Painted as Hipsters


If there’s one thing our world leaders have had in common, it’s that they’ve all had strong personalities. If you’re going to run a country, how could you not? But imagine for a moment that each of these leaders were secretly hipsters. Why would a person imagine such a thing? I have absolutely no idea, […]

Gourmet Paper Mache – Awesome Paper Mache Projects

gourmet paper mache

I haven’t thought about paper mache or “papier mâché” since the fourth grade but now that I’m reminded of it, I do have some fond memories of creating a big mess and making ugly projects. I thought playing with paper mache was something that kids of the 90’s did but as per usual, I was […]