Art & Photography

We love writing, but there's a great old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. If you love browsing photos of beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful people and objects, and the most unique contemporary art we can find, come join us on a little adventure. We'll even throw in a bit of street art for good measure.

Watercolor Superheroes and Villains


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a wave of superhero movies – especially reboots of beloved franchises from the 80s and 90s like Batman, Spider- Man, and Superman. If you’re a comic book nerd or superhero fanatic, it’s been a good time to hit the theaters. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the darker tones of the […]

Creepy Alert – Guy Fieri As A Renaissance Baby

Guy Fieri as Renaissance baby

I’m a fan of Guy Fieri when it comes to him hosting shows on the Food Network. My favorite is the classic ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ which has actually been pretty useful on my travels when I didn’t know what to eat. He’s known for his loud personality, unique look with his spiked & dyed […]

Dark Imagery by Artist Yuri Schedoff


Despite all the war, violence, and lack of understanding in the world, I believe the future looks pretty bright for the human race here on Earth, and hopefully one day, on other planets too. It’s exciting to imagine a vibrant future, full of wealth and technologies beyond our wildest dreams, but it’s also fun to […]

Nick Gentry Floppy Disk Art


As you might have noticed, we’re a men’s lifestyle and entertainment site. We tend to write about fast cars, video games, and jet-setting. We talk about fine wines, gadgets, and dating. Which is why you might find it a little strange that we also write about art and photography. I admit, it’s a little strange. […]

Full Grown – Company Now “Growing” Furniture

full grown solid wood furniture

You can have a super nice living space at your house, apartment, or patio/porch but if the furniture doesn’t match, you’ll never have that ‘wow factor’. It’s safe to say that most of the furniture available today is junk since it’s mostly made of particle board. It may look nice but don’t expect it to […]

The Cinder Cone Build Book – Dream Treehouse

dream treehosue

Guys are always talking about their dream mancave or bachelor pad but there is another living space that often gets ignored. Yes, I’m talking about the ultimate outdoor living space – a dream Treehouse. Here is the perfect opportunity to let your inner child out but on a more mature level. The Cinder Cone Build […]