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Art & Photography

Nothing travels faster than word, but we would argue that an eye-catching picture is just as powerful. In this category, we post everything from amazing photographs of stunning landscapes, to the most interesting street art we can find.

Flower Marge artwork

For some people, being human isn't good enough. There are people who are more interested in living in another realm and it's made "possible" thanks to various online games or even apps that allow you to "cartoon yourself" or "zombie yourself". I suppose everyone has day dreams about living in a different time period or [...]

death row meal

This may seem weird but I've often thought about what my "last meal" would be if I knew my time on this earth was running out. I enjoy too many types of foods to narrow it down but if I was to have an ultimate meal, it would consist of spicy butter chicken with naan [...]

woman’s face wrapped in tape

The photography section of the website is filled with interesting and unique photos with one of my favorites being "blow job" shots by Tadao Cern. While Cern's photos of women and men being blasted with air in their faces was fun to look at, I think the photographs by Wes Naman are a little more [...]

doug cartoon getting high

The 90s were a magical time for me. Though I was born in the mid 1980s, I would be lying if I said I really remembered anything from that time; I was too young. No, the 90s were when I transformed into an actual person of some kind, and really started remembering things, things like [...]

saved by the bell tattoo

When I was a teenager, I really, really wanted a tattoo. I spent a good year noting down ideas, hoping that eventually I would find something perfect... something that I could have emblazoned on my arm forever. That day never came, and I've long since decided that tattoos just aren't for me. I have a [...]

Yung Lenox – Classic Hip Hop Albums Re-Created by a 7 Year Old Thumbnail

As I may have mentioned a few times, I'm not all that fond of children. I find that they usually suck pretty hard, and though I don't blame them completely for being so useless (they usually have lame parents), well... I still don't want to spend a lot of time around them if I can [...]

american apparel softcore

One of the perks of not subscribing to cable television is that I see less advertising, and yet still - as I said almost two years ago - every day we're bombarded with advertising. It's kind of annoying, don't you think? Even as you read this article, advertising banners are probably flickering away to the [...]

hyper realistic dessert painting

We've brought you guys the work of a number of artists who specialize in Hyper Realistic paintings and images and it seems like it's been a while since we posted anything under that category. So today we'll be taking a look at the very delicious looking creations of Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti. I'm not a [...]

frozen lighthouse

If you're living in the United States or Canada right now, you've probably experienced a touch of the, shall we say... Polar Vortex. It's a sexual move where you put an ice-cube on your tongue and swirl it around a person's, well... you get the idea. Actually, it's a massive cold storm front that's sweeping [...]

B E A U T Y: Truly <em>Moving</em> Paintings – Directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro Thumbnail

I got up this morning and thought it was going to be like any other morning. Check my emails, see what interesting material people submitted, write a post... the usual. I usually have a solid store of fun, interesting, or - hopefully - insightful stuff to share with you guys, but this time I've got [...]