Bremont Jaguar E-Typle Lightweight Watches


A few days ago we wrote about the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight sports car, a car that was initially produced in 1963 but didn’t reach its production quota of 18 cars, so Jaguar decided to build the remaining 6 cars. The carmaker also teamed up with watchmaker Bremont to create a special watch commemorating the production of the 6 Lightweight E-Type cars.

Like the cars, these watches are limited to 6 pieces and they go to the owners of the cars. Each comes with the car’s chassis and engine number on the dial. These limited edition Bremont Jaguar E-Type Lightweight watches feature dials that look similar to the tachometer gauges on the cars, with similar looking hands. At the back, the watches are equipped with self-winding rotors that look like the three-spoke steering wheels on the car, and the crown features the thread pattern off of the Dunlop tires on the cars.

The 43 mm cases are white gold with pieces of aluminum from the construction of the car’s body. The leather straps also are from the same Connolly leather used on the car’s interior. Via: Bremont

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