Breitling Emergency II Watch

Breitling Emergency II watch yellow dial

Are you one of those people that like to go on extreme adventures, where there is a good chance you’ll need rescuing?  If yes, you might be interested in the all-new Breitling Emergency II watch, which helps finding you just a little easier.

Breitling already had a watch called “Emergency” that came with one 121.5 MHz frequency emergency signal transmitter that could be used to send out an “SOS” type signal.  The drawback to that watch was, the signal had a 90 nautical mile range and the signal was sent out to emergency rescue planes flying at 20,000 feet or below; under normal weather conditions.  With bad weather conditions, the signals effective range is reduced.

The Breitling Emergency II watch, on the other hand, comes with two emergency signal transmitters, the first one is the one mentioned above, and the second one sends a signal to satellites.  The second signal uses a digital 406 MHz frequency, the signal is sent to low-orbiting satellites, allowing you to be located no matter where you are stranded.

Breitling Emergency II watch

To activate a distress signal, twists off the cap located at the bottom of the watch case and pull out the two antennas on both sides.  The watch then sends out signals, alternating between the two frequencies, for up to 24 hours.  To ensure the battery for the transmitter is fully charged, the watch comes with a charging station for the transmitter, which allows the battery to be topped off and also has the ability to check the transmitters are working properly.

The Breitling Emergency II watch comes in a rather large 51 mm titanium case, normally I’m not a fan of large watches but in this case, the case is large because of necessity and not because it’s “cool” to have a massive watch.  The watch is offered with black, orange, or yellow dials and comes with either a titanium bracelet or black rubber strap.  The watch comes with an ana-digi display with an LED second time zone, a chronograph, a calendar, and a battery life meter.  The watch is powered by a Breitling Caliber 76 quartz movement.

If you do plan on showing off the emergency transmitter feature to your friends, be prepared to pay up for a rescue team; Breitling made owners of the Emergency I watch sign a form stating you (the customer) are responsible for any rescue team costs.  Another added cost is the re-setting of the emergency transmitter, which has to be done at the Breitling factory.  So, it’s best to use the emergency transmitter system only when really needed. Via: Breitling

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  1. Felix says

    If I activate the emergency transmitter at midnight when I’m inebriated and in desperate need of more beer and crisps, as this is undoubtedly a crisis situation, would I still be charged for being rescued?!?

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