Bioshock Infinite – The First Few Minutes


Years ago I read a classic – and much referenced story – called Atlas Shrugged. Written by Ayn Rand, a sort of… philosopher, it told a story of a world gone mad from greed, and an underclass of people who wanted nothing more than to take and leech. Shortly after I read this, Bioshock hit the scene, and a great many things clicked into place for me. Mostly that Ayn Rand was a bit of a nutcase, but in any case… 

Now, after many years, we’re finally nearing the release of the next epic title in Irrational Games’ incredible repertoire – Bioshock: Infinite. I’ve talked about it at length in previous posts, but never have we seen so much of the game as in the video you’re about to watch. It’s for that reason that I declare a major spoiler alert. You see, this clip shows the entire first few minutes of the game… the introduction, if you will. It’s very well done, and if you’ve played Bioshock, you’re going to notice some welcome similarities.

Bioshock Infinite Intro Video

I could gush on and on about how much I enjoyed watching this, but I’ll try and keep it to a few major points, starting with the voice acting. We probably heard more dialogue in this trailer than any other, and Booker DeWitt in particular sounds excellent. He has a slightly gruff, no nonsense tone to him, and I think that’s really going to shine when the player is steering him around, kicking ass, and taking names. Based one what I’ve seen in previous videos, I imagine  the player will spend a lot of time with Elizabeth, which should make for some excellent back and forth banter.

In terms of the scene we saw and the visuals, I was thoroughly impressed. The lighting looks beautiful and incredibly atmospheric, and starting out on the ocean was a nice touch. Though not exactly like Bioshock, I definitely saw some similarities. The main difference being that Booker wasn’t plunged deep into the ocean this time. No… this time, Booker has a very different world in store for him.

Release Date?

After quite a few delays, Bioshock Infinite seems to really and truly be marching towards what may possibly, perhaps… just maybe… be its honest to goodness, actual release. On March 26th, 2013, we’ll find out of that’s true or not, and finally get to explore the amazing cloud city we’ve been dreaming about for so very long. You can pre-order it online for $59.99 USD on Amazon.

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