The Binge Drinking Culture – A Simple Way to Avoid Making Really Bad Decisions

Photo by Photo by West Midland Police

Photo by Photo by West Midland Police

Today we shall discuss that terrible habit of the more inebriated amongst us. The problem of drunk driving, and the douchebaggery that accompanies it. I must confess, I don’t understand the drive to drive, and I’m no stranger to excessive drinking. So what is it then?

Excessive Drinking and Douchbaggery

Strangely enough, I don’t think it’s tied to anything like a lack of infrastructure. Sure, if you live in a small town it’s more likely the bar-flies will be driving themselves, yet attorneys seem to have their hands full despite everything available. No, I think it has to do with our basic conception of the car in America, and the connection we make between it and “freedom.” You see, given child rearing styles in America, the car is our first taste of liberation. It exists as less a responsibility than it does in other countries and is viewed as a sort of cultural birthright.

As such, driving shares some overlapping issues with gun ownership in that there are irresponsible users. It’s a more cavalier attitude that people approach these things with, feeling entitled as they do. Of course, it’s not as if the US hasn’t made very strong head way with ad campaigns and the sort. According to the NHTSA, since 1982 the amount of drunk driving instances have decreased 52%, which is a promising statistic.  So clearly public awareness has risen, and works, but we’re still left with the fact that 31% of traffic fatalities today involve a drunk driver.

Life Saving Advice

So what are we to do about this? Well I suppose we could all try to avoid the binge drinking culture. Maybe attempt to apply some of that peer pressure to friends and family members who have been known to drive after a drink. Alternatively, we could just continue on behaving like children. I’m sure attorneys love watching you ruin your life and possibly the lives of other people.

Photo by Truthiness

Photo by Truthiness

Kindly telling friends and family to stop being idiots may sound simple, but ask yourself this: would you tell your friend they’re being stupid if they went to drive after a few drinks, or would you keep your mouth shut? Given people propensity towards fitting in and looking cool, I have a feeling that the latter is more likely. If that’s you, consider speaking up and giving your friend some potentially life saving advice the next time he goes to drink and drive; he’ll thank you for it later.

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