Barbeque Like A Man With The Kalamazoo K900

Kalamazoo K900 Hybrid Grill

Summer is less than a month away and what says summer better than a barbeque.  If you don’t already have a barbeque or are looking for a really awesome barbeque grill, then the Kalamazoo K900 is the grill for you.

The Kalamazoo K900 is probably the manliest barbeque grill I have ever seen.  The K900 is a hybrid grill (no, not like the Toyota Prius), it can cook with gas, charcoal or wood.  This is achieved by the slide out grill feature which lets users slide in and out the various drawers depending on what they’re in the mood for cooking with.

The Kalamazoo K900 Hybrid grill is built to last; it’s made of solid stainless steel and weighs 600 pounds!  The lid alone weighs 60 pounds, but don’t worry, it’s equipped with a 50 pounds spring, which makes it really easy to open and close.

The gas burners put out 100,000 BTU’s of burning power, enough to satisfy all your meat cooking needs, and heats up to 500 degrees in only four minutes.  The only drawback to this hunk of manly cooking machine is its cost, starting at a cool $12,995 and topping out at $14,000 with a few extra options.

Kalamazoo K900 Grill

Kalamazoo Grill

[Source:  Kalamazoo]

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