Bacon Soda – Bottle of Pure Mad Genius


Bacon flavored products seem to have gained some popularity over the last couple of years and a few fine examples include Bacon Air Inhaler, Bacon Lube, Bacon Cologne, Bacon Toothpaste, and a bunch of other crazy bacon products.

Jones Soda makes limited products every year and they’ve released their own version of Bacon Soda in the past. But you can never have too much of this meat soda and a little competition never hurts. Many would even go as far as saying that bacon soda is liquid heaven.

Bacon Soda can be purchased from Bacon Freak for $4.95 per bottle or a 6-pack for $24.95. The company brings you all types of crazy bacon products from food and drinks to clothing and gift packs. Make sure you check them out at Bacon Freak. The Bacon Soda is also available on Amazon.

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