Scott’s Super-Duper Secret Manual to the Women

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Valentines Day is well behind us, all the chocolates have been eaten, the strawberries have gone bad, and the wine is flat. Personally speaking, it was a wonderful evening, and I hope it was as wonderful for you. There just seems to be one thing that has persisted from this. The complaints of oblivious men […]

The Sochi Olympics: At Least It Isn’t Detroit

I'm good at photoshop.

As the world turns it’s ever lazy eyes on Sochi for the Olympics, a flurry of reportings have emerged from the resort city. Hotels that lack basic accommodations like running water, or floors, seems to be the norm. Littered across the roadways are uncovered manholes, and there seems to be a serious issue with stray […]

Why Eat, When You Can Swallow Your Emotions

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It’s now February, and like most people around this time, I’ve been struggling with my New Years resolution. I ate far too much of Nana’s traditional Christmas Lasagna (don’t ask) and packed on the pounds. Normally this is something that wouldn’t bother me, except I find myself in the unusual position of having an extremely […]

Massdrop – Save Big on Gadgets and Gear with Group Buying


So being a perpetual hobbyist, constantly in search of new ways to do strange things better, I find myself on the fringe. I paid a man a premium for the privilege of ordering a Raspberry Pi. I have custom programmed video controllers to run salvaged laptop screens. Hell, you guys have seen me write about […]

Manscaping: Don’t Call Your Lawn Guy


The rise of manscaping in the lives of 21st century males has been an interesting development. Mostly, because we’re all entirely friggin’ lost in this ridiculous ocean of products. I literally have no clue what conditioner does, but I know my lady likes it when I use it. My medicine cabinet used to be filled […]

Stoptober – Our Vice is Scary

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If one takes but a moment to scrutinize my author picture, you might notice a big fat cigar in my mouth. A Romeo y Juliet if I recall, and I must admit that I enjoy smoking. It’s a pleasurable experience, and I doubt if it weren’t, many people wouldn’t have started. I also doubt many people would […]

Budgeting your Wireless: Minutes and Dollars


The state of wireless providers is really truly something to behold. Every time you turn on the television, a new phone is out, they’ve got just the new deal for you, but the terms of service have changed. Hassle free is thrown around a lot, but it seems like the more often they use the […]