7 Reasons Why Playing Guitar Is Good For You

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The guitar is a well-used instrument by most musicians around the world. And it’s even used by people that play for fun rather than in a professional capacity. You might not think it, but playing the guitar can be good for you! Some things in life help us to lead more fulfilling lives. And we […]

My Adidas: Shopping on a Budget

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Adidas is a brand that is well known in the fashion community, as well as the active-wear community. If you’re a man (and odds are, you’re definitely a man!), you’ve probably already used a few of the products Adidas has to offer. Adidas is doing a fantastic job of appealing to the industry of menswear, […]

The Businessman’s Guide To Creating The Perfect Lad Pad


A home is a man’s castle, and it deserves the attention needed to make it the perfect place to live. However, it can be hard for career focused individuals to build a happy home life. If time is limited, the key is to have a suitable plan of action. Here are four tips to help […]

Like a Boss: Tips to Make a Living Doing What You Love

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Would you absolutely love to make a living doing something that you love? I think we all would. The only thing stopping people is fear. They’re scared they won’t make it, or that something will go wrong. They’d rather stay at their safe yet boring job for the rest of their lives until it’s time […]

Is It Possible to Look Cool While Smoking an E-Cig?


In recent episodes of ‘True Detective’, writers have made the interesting choice to give Rachel McAdams’ Ani Bezzerides an e-cigarette habit. This has gotten a lot of people talking about the way that e-cigarettes are being marketed and whether or not they will ever be “cool” the way smoking has, for a long time, been […]

Dressing the Part: Interview Style Tips for Guys

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There wasa time when dressing for an interview was easy. You throw on a traditionalblack suit, a white shirt, a decent tie, and comb your hair. Today, however, the modern day workplace seems to be more laid back and casual, leaving many guys confused on what to throw on for the big event. Nowadays what […]

11 Lifestyle Hacks for Health-Conscious, Career-Driven Men

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Being health conscious and career-driven are important qualities for men who wish to succeed in whatever they are passionate about. If you are one of these health conscious and career-driven men, here are 11 lifestyle hacks that will improve your ability to achieve personal goals and career objectives. 1) Grooming is important for men. It […]