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Caravan Holidays: The Call of the Wild Thumbnail

People who own caravans know that they're an iconic symbol of freedom. Like caravanners from thousands of years ago, traveling from Western Europe to the Orient, today's hardy sort relish the idea of taking to the road and exploring new and uncharted territories--even if these are close to home! There's an entertaining sub-culture, including books, [...]

black and white mens vest

Vests are everywhere this season. Jon Hamm aka Don Draper on "Mad Men" looks especially fit and trim in a three-piece suit.  Giorgio Armani's updated power suit in lighter, wearable colors features vests worn without tie, with a perfect pair of sunglasses! Other vests, worn under or over clothes, give men the kind of power and assurance [...]

young man at job interview

Life is all about change and, for those who haven’t noticed, today’s career is less about the employer than the individual’s marketable skills. Recent graduates looking for "security" or "permanence" are unlikely to find these things in today’s economy on any continent. Perhaps our grandfathers took jobs at one company out of high school and [...]

unaffordable clothing man

So many of the men with an interest in fashion - and looking fashionable - lack a strategy. Perhaps someone you know owns the very best designer clothing that money can buy but, somehow, still manages to look like a fashion victim from “What Not to Wear.” Yes, some men are fashion plonkers... even if [...]

man in bed with a ring

A signet ring is a classic signature accessory that never goes out of style. If a man’s work is ‘hands-on,’ a gold or silver signet ring may scratch or go out of round. That’s why a signet ring made of palladium - in the same light, durable and rare metal class as platinum - is [...]

creative gift wrapping

We all know someone who has everything: the latest electronics, newest mobile devices, and (of course) a wardrobe stuffed with the best of the best. They need nothing and, what’s worse, want for absolutely zero. Yet this individual is one of your closest friends. Perhaps he is even your very closest friend. You want to [...]

mad men style photo

We write a lot about fashion accessories because they're one of the most cost-effective ways to add new wardrobe energy. Everyone knows that neck-ties used to be considered an accessory for the fashionable man... and now they're things that women steal from their fathers' wardrobes to sew into funky short skirts. So, what are today's [...]

fitting denim jeans

Blue jeans, once worn only by hands-on craftsmen or artists, work harder than most other clothes in the wardrobe. They’re perfect for any season, especially when paired with Harris tweed or a goose down jacket in autumn and winter, or a large-cable navy jumper or unstructured cotton blazer for spring and summer. Wearing a great pair [...]

creative tourism in spain

Creative tourism is all about creativity, interconnectedness, and joyous, mindful living. Here are a few thoughts about personal, community, city, and industry-wide aspects of creative tourism and how it’s changing the world, now. Develop Career Creativity On a personal level, creative people should learn to use creativity to make a life. Unlike earlier generations, today’s [...]

catch of the day

Carp fisherman have lots to carp about where the largest specimens are concerned. The largest UK-caught carp ever is about the size of a 90-pounds soaking wet Kylie Minogue - though photos of the carp aren't nearly as attractive. The fish was caught at Rainbow Lake in East Northshire. Perhaps the fisherman named the very big fish after [...]