The Manly Guide: How to Pack for a Getaway

Photo by Enric Fradera

As a man of the world, you’ve got a keen sense for adventure, a love for travel but you’re absolutely useless at packing. Whether you’re packing for your annual package holidays or an important business trip, it’s time to learn this essential life skill. Make a checklist This all important planning stage should be carried out a […]

9 Things Every Man Needs Before They Hit 30

Photo by Elvert Barnes

Today, we’re going to take a look at some vital things that every man should be able to call upon, for reasons we shall explore very shortly. These are not optional. You should have them in place before you hit thirty. They will save your bacon on more than one occasion. And, if you lose […]

My Easy Guide To Fitness For Gym Avoiders

Photo by Mando Barista

How do you feel about gyms? Getting fit in plain view of the general public isn’t the ideal way of doing things for many people. The prospect of grunts, profuse sweating, and having a face the colour of beetroot can put the fear into anyone. And let’s not even start with the attitude of some […]

6 Smart Things Every Man Should Do With His Money

Photo by Morgan

If you’ve got a little money stashed away, you’re probably wondering how to use it wisely. Of course, you could go on a wild shopping spree, or splash it on a weekend away. But, what about the smart choices? What’s the best way to use that money to set yourself up for the future? Whether […]

Why Real Men Go To New Zealand On Holiday

Photo by Queenstown Rafting

At literally the end of the world, New Zealand is well known for its beautiful landscapes, incredible vistas, and inviting beaches and resorts. But, we aren’t getting into those leisure activities, New Zealand also prides itself on testing the male population to their absolute limit (not unlike winning that Net Ent progressive jackpot, which incidentally […]

How to Survive Erectile Dysfunction

Photo by Nina J. G

Whether it’s related to a significant illness, a certain medication or is just a temporary loss of function, ED can disrupt your life in a number of ways. Instead of allowing it to progress into a deeper and even more traumatizing issue, educate yourself with these simple tips and information to help you survive erectile […]

Health Tests Every Man Needs

Photo by Vic

Men have a reputation for skipping the doctor’s office. We’re often terrible at taking care of ourselves and can take our health for granted. It isn’t until we have a heart attack or start to have negative health reactions that we finally think about making some healthier lifestyle changes. However, this reactive way of looking […]