Croatia: The Perfect Party Destination

party boat in croatia

Readers of Unfinished Man know how much we like Croatia. This incredibly beautiful party destination is near Hungary and Slovenia at the Adriatic Sea. This country is heralded for its gorgeous beaches, parks, and thousands of years of history. This country is full of energy and a youthful culture. Visit Croatia and stretch your travel […]

Visiting Cambridge? Five Tips for an A+ Trip

Photo by Nietnagel

Not just any college town, Cambridge is home to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bordering the Charles River, Cambridge is also conveniently located for travelers looking to explore neighboring downtown Boston. Here are tips that will guarantee you an A+ trip. Tour World-Famous Colleges Cambridge borders the larger town of […]

How To Create The Ultimate Man Pad

Photo by: Anders Ljungberg

Whether you’re moving into your own property for the first time or have just moved to a bigger place, the opportunity to create the ultimate man pad is something most of us relish. From splashing the walls with the first lick of paint, to filling the space from corner to corner with gadgets, the personalization […]

How to Design Your Modern Man Cave

men in their man cave

Every man needs a man cave, a room of one’s own, but very few ever have the pleasure. Why? Because the in-laws need a spare bedroom when they stay over. Because the kids needs a playroom for all their toys. And because there are more important things in life, like having a second wardrobe or […]

Manscaping by the Decade: Should Your Grooming Change As You Age?

Photo by  Alvaro A. Novo

Grooming regimes are an essential aspect of most of our daily routines. And for most men, no matter what their age, looking good and feeling fresh is an important part of life. However, as we get older, our bodies change, leading to inevitable alterations in our grooming needs. For example, men who once spent hours […]

Latest E-Cigs Study Suggests Electronic Cigarettes Can Help You Quit

two people smoking

The debate about electronic cigarettes rages on. A recent English study reported by “Addiction: The Journal of the Society for the Study of Addiction” (May 2014) determined that smokers attempting to quit nicotine for good were more likely to accomplish their goal with e-cigarettes. The study compared the use of electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, or […]