The Evolutionary 2016 Jaguar XF Sedan


Apparently there’s an all-new Jaguar XF sedan out, it was introduced a few days ago. Why didn’t we right about it? I saw it but thought it was just the same car with the numbers “2016” in front of its name, because it looked so much like the first generation car. At first, this post […]

Lyons Motor Car LM2 Streamliner: The “Real” American Supercar


The future is here!!! Oh wait, I thought we were back in the 1970’s. The Lyons Motor Car, a US based supercar maker (in spirit), has released images and information on their upcoming supercar called the LM2 Streamliner. The car looks very futuristic, if we were living in the 1970’s. I guess if you’re tired […]

Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition II Watches

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Automakers and watchmakers have been teaming up for a long time and giving us special/limited edition watches, usually based on a specific car model or a racing team. Swiss watchmaker, Oris, seems to like to spread their love around quite a bit by teaming up with various car makers and racing teams. The Swiss watchmaker’s […]

MB&F Melchoir: A High-End Robot Table Clock


One of my absolute favorite watchmaker is Maximilian Busser & Friends, also known as MB&F. I love the incredible watches the company comes up with, which are the creations of the company’s founder Max Busser. I also have a man crush on Max because of his “kid at heart” approach to his work and his […]

Land Rover Defender for Paul Smith


There’s an old saying that goes something like “never meet your heroes…” Well, if you’re a regular reader of Unfinished Man, you’ll know I absolutely love the Land Rover Defender and have always wanted to own one. That is until I test drove one a couple of weeks ago. I was very disappointed. I know […]

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Watch


Some “watch people” I know look down on Rolex watches because they’re too “mainstream”, and I would normally fall into that category but when it comes to Rolex watches, I don’t. To me Rolex is a status symbol and it doesn’t need explaining; if I were to spend $10,000+ on another high-end watch, I’d have […]

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch


Here’s yet another watch from Omega reminding us that their watch made it to the moon. The latest watch from the Swiss watchmaker is the Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon, over the last few years Omega has released the “Dark Side” and “Grey Side” of the moon watches, so why not a white […]