30th Anniversary Toyota Land Cruiser 70


The word “iconic” gets thrown around too frequently nowadays, but the Toyota Land Cruiser, in my humble opinion, is truly an iconic vehicle. I’m not talking about the current generation Land Cruiser, which has turned into a bloated and very expensive luxury vehicle; I’m sure it’s still a very capable off-roader, but like the Range […]

2015 Volvo XC90 SUV


Earlier this year Volvo showcased their XC Coupe concept, a small SUV-type of a vehicle with two doors; which I’m guessing was a preview of the production XC90 SUV. The Swedish automaker has now unveiled the all-new production 2015 XC90 SUV, which looks pretty good in my opinion. At first sight, the 2015 XC90 does […]

Japan Only: Subaru WRX S4


The 2015 Subaru WRX S4 is another vehicle we won’t see in North America, but don’t worry, you can still get the regular WRX or the WRX STi. Don’t confuse the WRX S4 with the Audi S4, according to Subaru, the S4 the following four S’s: Sports performance, Safety performance, Sophisticated feel, and Smart driving. […]

Bremont Jaguar E-Typle Lightweight Watches


A few days ago we wrote about the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight sports car, a car that was initially produced in 1963 but didn’t reach its production quota of 18 cars, so Jaguar decided to build the remaining 6 cars. The carmaker also teamed up with watchmaker Bremont to create a special watch commemorating the production […]

Renovo Coupe – America’s First Electric Supercar?


The Renovo Coupe is the latest electric car from Silicon Valley and is described as “the first all-electric American supercar” by the company’s co-founder and CEO Christopher Heiser. Some internet commenters (i.e. self-proclaimed experts) say this is not a supercar. I don’t know whether it is or not but it seems plenty powerful to me. […]

Luminox SureFire 2211 Wristlight Tactical Watches


I’ve written about watches with GPS, watches that send out emergency signals, even watches that let you answer your phone and emails. But never a watch with a flashlight, heck I didn’t even know there was a need for such a watch. But I guess there is a need, and here’s the Luminox SureFire 2211 […]