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celebrities using ecigs

Electronic cigarettes are fashion accessories to celebrities and the rich and famous. Rather than the tobacco cigarettes that are socially taboo in so many ways, e-cigs are stylish, fun, and in visible use all over the world. There’s also reason to believe that e-cigs can help those seeking to quit smoking look fashionable as they [...]

partying in boston

You’ve probably heard that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Las Vegas Tourism encourages visitors to live it up, let go, and just have fun. As much as I’d really like to visit because it seems like a fantastic place to people-watch, it’s not possible for me to take more than a few days off [...]

crappy old slot machine

Here at Unfinished Man, we believe a bit of gaming is good for one's health. I mean, we write about games so often that we have to find a way to justify it. As an example... MIT Associate Professor Natasha Schüll says that playing slots can actually cause some players to enter a creative flow state. [...]

romantic breakfast in bed

Romantic getaways can make some men feel queasy. They make fun of the idea, saying it's one of those things that a man just has to do to get brownie points. But, really, planning a romantic weekend or few days away shouldn't be something just done for brownie points. If it is, you're my nightmare. [...]

woman wearing sexy bra

If you’re reading this, then you've come to your senses and realized that the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart is one that you’ll both enjoy, like, oh... a sexy new bra! Unfortunately, shopping for lingerie at a store can be a little embarrassing. To save you from wandering aimlessly around Victoria’s Secret and [...]

Understanding Lucid Dreaming Thumbnail

I have personally had around three or four lucid dreams in my lifetime, although the last time was many years ago. I remember during one particular dream I was totally aware that I was, in fact, dreaming and I was in complete control of my actions. The environment, people and events were not within my [...]

Style Inspiration – Dress Like a Lumberjack Thumbnail

You may have noticed that a lumberjack-inspired winter style has been popular for the last few years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. From a woman’s point of view there’s nothing sexier than a woodsman wielding an axe! And from a man’s point of view it’s an excuse to look rugged and strong, without [...]

T-Shirts – Mans Last Bastion Of Clothing Choice Thumbnail

The T-shirt seems to have become man’s last bastion of clothing. The last untouched area of clothing in which man can be the soul decider and show off his peacock feathers in any way he chooses. Most jobs these days either have a uniform or require you to wear a shirt & tie. Whilst a [...]

“Shoe” Do You Think You Are? What Are Your Shoes Saying About You? Thumbnail

Is it just me, or can you tell a worldly amount of information about somebody based SOLEly (it had to be done!) on their shoes? Women often say the first thing they notice about a man is the shoes that they are wearing! Perhaps there's a good reason for this... perhaps your shoes are giving [...]

Emma’s Picks – My Top 5 Favorite Addictive iPhone Apps Thumbnail

If you've played Angry Birds on your iPhone, then you’ll know just how addictive apps can be. Angry Birds has to be the most addictive iPhone app of all time – no one can argue with that. However, it’s such an obvious choice that I haven’t bothered including it in the top five. There are [...]