Male Actors Dominate Favourite Soap Star Poll


You don’t tend to associate soap stars with being major celebrities, certainly not at the same heights as pop stars and movie stars anyway. Despite this we all have our own favourites when we flick on our guilty pleasures at tea time to help us relax. Whether you’re a Corrie fan or you prefer EastEnders, […]

British Homes Through the Ages

Photo by Sarah Joy

Since Plumbs opened for business over 50 years ago, there have been dramatic changes in home decor choices and trends, influenced by cultural changes in the world beyond interiors. We wanted to create a visual representation of this; reflecting on the trends that have passed through our homes within the last half century… 1950s: Over […]

How to Use Lighting Effects to Set The Mood for Your Next Date

Photo by Jirka Matousek

Soft lighting sets the stage for romance and quickens the pulse, creating an atmosphere of excitement. Lighting highlights our best features and frames intimate moments. It’s no wonder that lighting schemes are a key consideration for creating an environment that is romantic and memorable. Whether you are feeling dramatic or subtle, the endless varieties of […]

How to Cut Those Bad Habits Out of Your Life For Good

Photo by Public Domain Pictures

We’ve all got a bad habit we wish we could get rid of. It could be something like binge eating when we’re having a bad day. Perhaps it’s something even more dangerous, such as alcohol or drugs. Either way, there’s probably something in your life you wish you could stop. Cutting out a bad habit […]

Tips For Helping You Reach Your Ideal Weight

Photo by Adrian Clark

Most men have little interest in keeping their bodies in shape. There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, the average guy doesn’t feel pressured to conform in the same way as women. That is because most guys do not sit reading beauty magazines that contain airbrushed models. Secondly, guys like to […]