Audax 130 – Sporty Yacht by Schopfer Yachts

3D Rendering of Audax 130 Yacht

130 foot Audax yacht

The main idea behind the Schopfer Yacht company was to create yachts that combined aerodynamics and modern designs that will not be mistaken for traditional yachts. The Audax 130 is the latest yacht from Schopfer that features a sporty and aerodynamic look with its beautifully designed streamlined hull.

At first glance, you will notice the 130-foot long Audax 130 looks like something from the future with long swooping lines that would feel right at home on a spaceship. The sporty mega yacht is not only aesthetically pleasing from the outside but interior is just as striking and features accessories to entertain just about any adventurous sailor out there.

While the overall design of the yacht was created by a team at Sparkman & Stephens, E. Kevin Schopfer had a hand in the design of the interior aesthetics. To gain access to the interior and open areas of the yacht, one has to enter through the lower-deck of the boat. The lower-deck is also where one may find a water-level garage for toys such as water scooters. The upper deck features a large open area for sun-bathing, dining area, a luxurious lounger, and cockpit area for the captain. The dining and lounging area features an open concept theme where plenty of sunlight can come into the yacht thanks to the large curved glass panel windows. The upper most deck on the Audax 130 features four luxuriously appointed suites which are able to accommodate four guests. This deck also features a smaller, private balcony.

A large yacht such as this also requires a power plant that is capable of offering the performance one would expect from a boat of this size. The engine on the Audax 130 is a twin-format MTU diesel engine which is capable of speeds up to 30 knots. For more details, check out Tangram 3DS.

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