Are Clothes for Animals Stupid? If you have to Ask…


Owning pets was a big part of my childhood and teenage years. My parents were always open minded when it came to pet selection, and over the years we had everything from rats to guinea pigs, and of course the staple animals: dogs and cats. They would live wonderful lives with us (except my pet rat, yikes), and we always provided toys, and of course the bare necessities: foot, water, and shelter.

What I’ve noticed over the years, though, is that some people have gotten a little confused when it comes to tending to their animals well-being  Somewhere along the line people came up with the idea that clothes for animals are actually a good idea, and that at the very least we should get them rain coats, boots, and hats. I mean after all, we can’t expect our animal to get wet feet when it goes for a walk, right? That’s just cruel.

Animals DO NOT Need Clothes, Seriously. Fuck.

cat dressed as rockstar

As you can see, Cleo the cat is absolutely loving the new hair style! Just what she always needed, a wig, dress, and plush guitar. She’s all set to win the little kitty talent show now!

I dislike this on so many levels I can’t even begin to express it. Suffice to say I think it’s a kind of torture, both for the animal, but mostly for everyone else who has to see this crap. Honestly, you mean to tell me that you thought dressing your cat like a… whatever this is… was a good idea?

cat wearing vest

I saw this and thought to myself, wow, what cat needs a vest? It’s not even a very nice vest! That is until I noticed that the owner painted the cats nails as well. Yes, you heard it here first folks… cat nail polish. Un.Fucking.Believable. I really thought I had seen everything on the internet.

cat dressed as michael phelps

Oh yes, a cat dressed as Michael Phelps. Hey, why not? Cats have a natural attraction to water and swimming, no? The cat is the “Automated Cat Wash” below certainly seems to be enjoying the experience. I mean, no… not really, but it could be, or why would someone have invented the machine?

And that brings us to my final example, a cat dressed as… a rapper? It has a little red hat to keep it’s little head warm, and a silver dollar sign chain to uh, make it look awesome, right? No, it looks like an idiot, and you’re an idiot for dressing it up like that. Most rappers already look like idiots, lets not subject our animals to their “style”.

cat dressed as a rapper

Actually, this might just be a gansta’ or OG, I’m not quite sure where that line falls exactly, but I know one thing… this is fucking stupid in every way conceivable.

If you expected a deep, possibly thought provoking conclusion to this torturous stint, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. No, the entire point of my tirade was to point out that dressing animals in clothes, be it cold weather gear, costumes, or bikinis… is stupid beyond reason, and you’re a bad, bad person if you do it. House pets like dogs and cats have this crazy thing called “fur” with generally covers their entire body, shielding them from crappy weather. Dressing your pet up only achieves one thing: making both you and your pet look ridiculous.

[Photos by Pets Adviser – They seem to quite enjoy dressing animals up like idiots.]


  1. Ewelina says

    Totally full of crap. Not every animal has fur. Some has hair! Some of the dogs are cold during winter as hair do not protect them from cold. Many dogs freeze to death! Don’t you know that? Get a life. Do some research before you decide to make a complete full of yourself.

    • Chad says

      I try not to make a “full” of myself, but sometimes it just happens. :( You’re right, dogs and fur-less animals didn’t exist before people created animal coats. How could they survive in nature otherwise? It just wasn’t possible.

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