Affordable Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for You

valentines day evolution

Valentine’s day has never been my thing. I consider it an unnecessary tax on men, much like the lottery is a tax on the poor. I mean, come on; one day out of the year, guys have to go out of their way just to prove something just because the media tells you to do so?

In a way, this article goes against my belief system. I don’t really like this celebrated “holiday”, but I think it’s time the ladies start returning the favor. I’m going to make a quick list of possible gifts a girlfriend or wife can get for you this Valentine’s Day. To sweeten the deal, it will be a relatively affordable list of things the women can purchase. Guys usually do the whole flowers, chocolates, and dinner thing, and in exchange we get a little something something at the end of the night.

In recent years, women have started to give gifts to their guys for valentines, but we’re still not on an even playing field yet. So what can a woman on a budget possibly do for you on this “special” day? Of course this can be done on any other day of the year as well – much like all the things a guy does for you on Valentine’s day – but to make us feel “special”, please do it on February 14th.

Affordable Gifts For Him

Most people seem to do last minute shopping, but if you start looking around now, you can probably get something pretty decent. I know it’s a bit early now, but it’s usually a better idea to be earlier than later… usually. Personalized gifts for the everyday occasions are great, and there are some pretty cool companies out there doing this, such as Gift Cookie.

custom coffee mug

Lucky Brian, he got a custom coffee mug. Although Jessica probably should have toned it down a bit, it’s a nice gesture and I’m sure her next coffee mug for Brian (if they’re still together) will be something a little less cheesy. Something like this should cost you no more than $15. If he’s not the type that would rock the “you make my heart smile” mug, perhaps something along the lines of his favorite sports team or car brand would be a nice gesture as well.

custom boxer shorts with names

Not exactly my thing, but these “cool” novelty boxer shorts are not so bad. Laura can mark her territory and other ladies will know to stop before things get out of hand. The last thing you want is to end up on the Jerry Springer Show or on Maury.

custom personalized flask

Now we’re talking! You can’t go wrong with a flask no matter who it’s for. The above picture may be wedding related, but you can just as easily get it customized for any other occasion. Even if you are not a drinker, it can be a nice decoration piece around the living room, kitchen, or your man cave.

flying lesson sign

If you want to spend more than a few bucks, but not break the bank, then consider something very unique and exciting like flying lessons. I’m not talking about signing him up for expensive flight lessons to get him a pilot’s license, but instead an hour in the air with the professionals. If your significant other always wanted to be a pilot but never fulfilled his destiny, you can give him a taste of that with this awesome gift.

Might cost more than a custom mug, but it won’t break the bank account either. And most importantly, it will be a memory he will cherish for the rest of his life.

shooting range

You can’t go wrong with the shooting range. 96.86% of the male population has a fetish for all sorts of weapons, especially ones that go bang and boom. Believe me, our entire team has gone shooting multiple times!

I was in Las Vegas only a couple of weeks ago and my significant other didn’t let me check out the Las Vegas shooting ranges (which the city is famous for, that and strippers & hookers). I would love the opportunity to be reunited with the AK47 and G3 rifle. This and the one-hour flight lesson might not be too affordable, but can you put a price on the happiness of your man?

All these years, he’s had to courier overpriced flowers and chocolates to your place of work on Valentine’s Day because “it’s the right thing to do” even when he didn’t believe in the concept. Why not surprise him and let him be on the receiving end of this pampering? Spas and salons may be your thing, but guns and planes are our thing. The list can go on and on, but these were a few suggestions which started off as being affordable and cheesy but ended up with things we really want.

You know your boyfriend or husband better than anyone else, so put in some effort and get him something on this “special” day.

[First Photo: Allan Chow/The Kansas City Star/MCT , VS]

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