$70,000 Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub


Taking a hot bath is actually considered a luxury for many people around the world. And taking a hot bath in a $70,000 Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub is just….ridiculous. On Unfinished Man, carbon fiber is generally associated with aerodynamic kits for performance and luxury vehicles but here we are talking about the most expensive bathtub I’ve come across. For the lucky few, cleaning up in a regular porcelain bathtub just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub is made from selected prepreg carbon fabrics from Austria and the company has limited the production to only 51 units or maybe only 51 people are willing to hand over that kind of cash for a bathtub?

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Luxury Bathtub

Besides the crazy price tag, the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub is quite unique in its appearance, design, and of course the material used. The bathtub is free-standing and appears to have a decent amount of interior space for long, luxurious bathing sessions.

Luxury Carbon Fiber Bathtub

The bathtub has a water capacity of 87 gallons and weighs in at only 79.4 pounds thanks to the ultra-light carbon fiber. In terms of measurements, the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bathtub is 95.6”x48.4”x25.2”.

$70,000 Carbon Fiber Bathtub

If this was available in faux carbon fiber, it would be something to possibly consider for the bachelor pad or the washroom of your man cave but at $70,000?? I don’t think so. For more details and downloading the company’s product catalog, check out Corcel.


  1. Felix says

    Spending $70,000 on a bathtub is patently absurd! For that amount of cash I’d fill my tub with hookers every night, which would be much more fun. 😉

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