3-In-1 JakPak – A Jacket, Tent, and Sleeping Bag


I never used to be a big fan of camping but I already have three camping trips under my belt this summer and it’s something that I’m starting to appreciate. As a matter of fact, I have one last camping trip lined up before the summer comes to end. Ideally, I’d prefer a cabin in the woods over a tent at a camp site any day but it does have its moments. Getting away from the city is nice once in a while and camping is able to facilitate this escape for most of us.

The one problem I’ve encountered with camping is that I always seem to get stuck in tents with friends who happen to release odorous gases in the middle of the night. And those baked beans and cans of chili do not help the situation. The tents may have mesh “windows” which helps with air circulation but not enough in my unfortunate experiences. But the JakPak may be an ideal solution for those who are stuck in my situation and don’t want to setup a separate 1 or 2 person tent.

Using the JakPak

The JakPak is a tent, sleeping bag, and a mini-tent all built into one compact format. It may look like an ordinary waterproof jacket but it discreetly houses a sleeping bag and a mini-tent. The whole setup can be assembled in a matter of minutes and the mini-tent also features mess netting so that you are well protected from creepy insects. You are also able tom completely detach the sleeping bag and mini-tent from the jacket should you decide to only wear the jacket.

Repacking the JakPak

The JakPak is available in green and black and comes in a variety of sizes. If you choose to pick the black color, just remember that you may look like you are in a body bag and better hope the park rangers don’t toss your body somewhere. And lastly, should a bear come upon your camp site, there is a good chance you will be the first target. Those are just a couple of unlikely scenarios that may or may not occur while using the JakPak.

With that in mind, the JakPak can be yours for $200 and sometimes even cheaper on Amazon.

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