2013 Vespa 946 Scooter


We don’t often write about scooters here at Unfinished Man because scooters are mainly for getting from point A to B, not a very interesting mode of transportation.  But when it comes to Vespa scooters, well… they’re cool, even though they come with small engines and just get you from point A to B.

The 2013 Vespa 946 scooter (no it’s not powered by a 946 cc engine) takes its design inspirations from the original World War II era MP6 prototype with modern-day technology.  The Vespa 946’s monocoque is made out of steel but makes use of aluminum on the fenders, side plates, seat unit, and handlebars to reduce weight and achieve a better ride and fuel economy.  The 946 is equipped with LED headlight and taillight.

Vespa 946 Scooter front back

The Vespa 946 scooter is powered by an air-cooled 1-cylinder 125cc four-stroke engine that produces 11.4 horsepower (bhp) and 7.9 pound-feet of torque; these are small numbers but the Vespa 946 is about fuel economy and ease of riding.  The new Vespa gets 129 miles per gallon and produces 30% less emissions than the model it replaces.

I can see these things flying off the dealership; they look really cool, are pretty affordable, great on gas, and fun to ride around the city.


  1. Roeland says


    Nice review but…. gallons and miles…. Could you add some metric measurements? You’ve got European readers too.


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