12 Natural Wonders – Paul Giggle Photography


Today is Wednesday, and if you’re one of our frequent readers, then perhaps this means something special to you. It’s the day that I highlight one skilled photographer, and post up 8 of my favorites photos from one of his or her collections. It’s “Hump Da”y, and I’m showing you hotties, and that – my friend – is why I call this Hump Day Hotties.

Now, I like to think I do a pretty good job, but today… today I’m going to do even better. You see, this isn’t your regular, run of the mill collection of incredibly beautiful women. No sir, today I would like to introduce a collection of Australia’s most beautiful models, photographed by the extremely talented Paul Giggle. He was kind enough to reach out to me and tell me a little about a calender he’s photographing called 12 Natural Wonders, featuring 12 beautiful women in 12 different places.

Paul Giggle’s 12 Natural Wonders, Australia

You may have noticed that today there were more pictures than usual, up from the usual eight all the way to 12 photos.. ahh ha ha! Though I put the rule of eight in place for a reasons – only selecting the finest pictures – sometimes there’s good cause to break one’s rules, and 12 Natural Wonders is most definitely a good reason.

Paul Giggle Photography

If you enjoyed Paul’s work, then I highly recommend having a look at his and browsing around a bit. He’s done all sorts of incredible photography, and as usual, what I’ve shown you here is only a small sampling of his entire collection. To the best of my knowledge, Australia was just the first stop on his latest photographic tour, and with a little luck, perhaps we can expect 11 more sets just like this. It’s like a travel article mixed with beautiful models. How can we go wrong?

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